Chinese Tea: Brewing Tea With A Gaiwan

How To Use Gaiwan to Brew Tea

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This is pretty much like Kung Fu Cha except that we use a GaiWan instead of a teapot. Make sure you read Kung Fu brewing too because the basic concepts apply here as well. A large Gaiwan (6-7oz) is ok for the process too BUT 1) the size is hard to handle if you have to brew and pour, 2) 6-7oz is a little too large for Kung Fu Cha.

Gaiwan Step 1
Gaiwan Step 2
1. Set ... Ready ... and Go!
2. Shuffle tea into a Gaiwan.
Gaiwan Step 3
Gaiwan Step 4
3. Add water for the rinse round.
4. Allow water to stay for a few seconds to wash the tea.
Gaiwan Step 5
5. Recycle - use rinse water to rinse teacups

6. Let's take a break here and learn the trick to handle GaiWan (See PIC in step 5). Use thumb and middle finger to hold the rim of the GaiWan, index finger to press on the lid. Move lid slightly off center to create a small gap between the lid and the body of the GaiWan. The gap works like a filter, allowing tea to flow out but stopping tea leaves. Then we can use the GaiWan like a teapot. Ok, the break is over.

Gaiwan Step 7
Gaiwan Step 8
7. Wash teacups with tongs, or with bare hands if you got thick skin.
8. Round 1 tea brewing starts.
Gaiwan Step 9
Gaiwan Step 10
9. Doing the time ... (check here for different brew time for different tea classes) ... wait ...
10. ... and wait ...