Step By Setp: Learn How To Brew Kong Fu Tea

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Kung Fu Tea Step 11
Kung Fu Tea Step 12
11. After a minute or so , first few cups of tea are ready. Now pour tea into the teacups. Easy? NO! That is one of the steps that requires a lot of Kung Fu *** (see below for detail).
12. Be my guest. Tea buddies, don't thank me for all the work I've put into making these few ounces of tea. I like doing it.
How To Pour Kung Fu Tea
  • Tea has to be poured low to minimize escaping of aroma.
  • To be qualified a skillful brewer, the color of the tea in the 3 teacups has be the same (last drop of tea that comes out of the teapot is darker as it gets more brewing time). 2 tricks are used:
    1. "General Gwan Patrols City" - pour tea in a circular motion into all the teacups at the same time. Some tea would be spilled between cups but that is allowed.
    2. "Han Xin (also a general) Counts Soldiers" - the rule is to pour the last drop of tea out of the teapot because you don't want the brewing to continue inside the teapot. So at the end if the pouring, hold the teapot about 6-12 inches above a teacup, secure the lid with your thumb (like in step 11), accelerate towards the teacup, breaks just above the teacup and let gravity draw the last few drops of tea. Repeat that with all the teacups.
  • If the teacups can't hold all the tea, use the faircup. Just make sure no tea stays in the teapot after brewing time is up.
Kung Fu Tea Step 3
Kung Fu Tea Step 4
13. ... Come on, what are you waiting for?
14. While the slow drinkers are enjoying their tea, round 2 brewing starts.
Kung Fu Tea Step 5
Kung Fu Tea Step 6
15. The drinker should i) finish the tea in one go. Don't leave half a cup of tea on the tray and chat; ii) empty the cup before receiving the next cup ...
16. Pour it onto the tea tray ... you don't want the leftover drops to affect the flavor of the next cup.
Kung Fu Tea Step 7
Kung Fu Tea Step 8
17. The wait for round 2 is over, but we have some slow drinkers on board. So the tea is poured into the faircup to stop the tea from being overbrewed.
18. Mr. Slow finally picks up his cup of tea. Tea from round 2 is distributed.
Kung Fu Tea Step 9
Kung Fu Tea Step 10
19. Round 2 is still on ...
20. Be my guest ...

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