Chinese Tea Class - Green Tea

  • Green tea is the most natural tea class.
  • Green tea is only dried or heated slightly (to get rid of the grassy taste) and undergoes no fermentation process.
  • Green tea has the most medicinal value and very low caffeine.
  • When lightly roasted green tea is turned into white tea.
  • Because of the health benefits of green tea, it has become very popular throughout the world in recent years
  • My advice to you is: Don't drink green tea with an empty stomach. You may feel like being punched in the stomach if you do so.
Tea Class Name in Chinese Mandarin Pronunciation (Place of origin - Tea name) Meaning in English
Green Tea Tai Ping - Hou Kui Monkey King
Green Tea Xi Hu - Long Jing Dragon Well
Green Tea Dong Tin - Bi Luo Chun Green Spring Snail
Green Tea Lu Shan - Yun Wu Cloud & Fog
Green Tea Huang Shan - Mao Feng Fur Peak
Green Tea E Mei - Zhu Ye Qing Green Bamboo Leaf
Green Tea Xian Ren Zhang Cha Cactus Tea
Green Tea An Hua - Song Zhen Pine Needle
Green Tea Liu An - Gua Pian Melon Slice
Green Tea Jing Ting - Lue Xue Green Snow
Green Tea Nan Jing - Yu Hua Rain Flower
Green Tea Liu An - Gua Pian Melon Slice
Green Tea Xin Yang - Mao Jian Fur Tip
Green Tea Tian Shan - Lu Ya Green Sprout

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