Can You Make Tea With a Coffee Maker?

Considering using your coffee maker for brewing tea but uncertain if it’s wise? This article explores the possibility of brewing tea with a coffee maker and the challenges you might face. 

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Can I Brew Tea in a Coffee Maker?

Technically, yes, you can brew tea in a coffee maker. Coffee makers are designed to run hot water through a basket filled with coffee grounds, and you can replace those grounds with tea leaves. However, multiple reasons make this inadvisable, as discussed further.

Why You Shouldn’t Make Tea in a Coffee Maker

You should not use a coffee maker to prepare tea for a few reasons.

No Control Over Steeping Time

A key reason against using a coffee maker to brew tea is the lack of control over steeping time. Different teas require specific steeping times for optimal flavor, and using a coffee maker doesn’t allow for this precision. Over-steeping can result in a bitter cup, while under-steeping can make the tea taste weak and bland.

No Control Over Water Temperature

Water temperature is another critical factor in brewing tea. Coffee makers typically heat water to just below boiling, which is suitable for black and herbal teas. However, green, white, and oolong teas need lower water temperatures for a better brew. Too hot water may yield a bitter, unpleasant flavor.

Difficulty Cleaning

Are you considering using your coffee maker for both tea and coffee? Thorough coffee maker cleaning is necessary to eliminate residual coffee tastes. This process can be time-consuming and may involve using white vinegar and hot water to remove coffee residue. Additionally, the vinegar smell can be difficult to remove and might affect the flavor of your tea.

This Is Not the Proper Way to Make Tea

Lastly, brewing tea in a coffee maker is not the traditional or proper way to make tea. Tea enthusiasts may argue that using a teapot, a gaiwan, or another brewing vessel is essential for the best tea experience. Brewing tea in a coffee maker might be seen as a shortcut or even disrespectful to the art of tea-making.

How to Make Tea in a Coffee Maker

If you still want to try making tea in a coffee maker, follow these steps:

  1. Clean your coffee maker thoroughly, including the filter, basket compartment, carafe, and water reservoir, using a damp cloth and a vinegar-water solution.
  2. Rinse the coffee maker with warm and cold water to remove any lingering vinegar residue.
  3. Place the recommended amount of tea leaves in the basket (usually one teaspoon per cup).
  4. Operate the coffee maker normally, then let the tea cool before consuming.

Remember, this method is not recommended, and you should consider other brewing methods for the best tea experience.

Final Thoughts

Although possible, there are better methods to brew tea than using a coffee maker. Consider investing in a teapot, a simple tea infuser, or another brewing vessel for a more authentic and enjoyable tea experience.


How Many Tea Bags Do You Use in a Coffee Maker?

If you’re using tea bags instead of loose leaves, you can place them directly in the carafe, one tea bag per cup of water. This gives better control over steeping time yet remains suboptimal for brewing tea.

Can You Use a Coffee Maker to Make Hot Water for Tea?

Yes, you can use a coffee maker to heat water for tea by running it without any coffee or tea in the basket. 

However, remember that the water temperature may not be suitable for all types of tea, as coffee makers typically heat water to just below boiling. For teas needing cooler water, like green, white, or oolong, allow water to cool before steeping your tea. 

Alternatively, consider using a kettle with adjustable temperature settings to heat water for tea more precisely.

Can You Make Tea in a Keurig?

Yes, you can make tea in a Keurig. This can be done by purchasing tea pods that are compatible with your Keurig machine or by using the “hot water” function on the machine to steep a traditional tea bag.

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