• Oolong is a class of tea as well as a kind of tea.
  • Oolong tea is half-fermented and thus is relatively thick in flavor.
  • Oolong tea is very popular in South-East China and Taiwan and also the most used tea for Kung Fu Cha.
  • You got to love this – Oolong is an emulsifier for fat and cholesterol. Like a savior for today’s junk food eaters.
  • And since Oolong emulsifies, make sure you don’t drink it with an empty stomach. You may feel like being punched in the stomach if you do so.
Tea ClassName in ChineseMandarin Pronunciation (Place of origin – Tea name)Meaning in English
Oolong TeaAn Xi – Tie Guan YinIron Guan Yin (goddess of mercifulness)
Oolong TeaWu Yi – Da Hong PaoBig Red Robe
Oolong TeaSong Zhong Dan CongSONG Species Lone Bush
Oolong TeaFeng Huang – Shui XianWater Fairy
Oolong TeaYong Chun – Fo ShouBuddha’s Hand