What Is 7 Blossoms Tea Good for, and What Are the Side Effects?

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Seven blossoms tea, also known as 7 Azahares tea, is a popular herbal remedy tea with many health benefits. It is made from the dried flowers of seven different plants. It is recognized for its potential to alleviate digestive issues, enhance the quality of sleep, lower inflammation, and improve immunity. However, as with any medicinal herb or supplement, there are potential side effects associated with 7 blossoms tea that should be considered before use. In this blog post, we will discuss what 7 azahares tea can do for you and the potential risks involved in taking it.

Seven blossoms tea

Seven Blossoms Tea’s Health Benefits

Are you considering natural remedies to improve your health and wellness? If so, then seven blossoms tea may be just what you need. Here are the health benefits associated with drinking seven blossoms tea regularly.

Note: Nothing in this article is to be taken as medical advice. Despite its 4.6-star rating from numerous satisfied customers on Amazon, this product should not be consumed by pregnant women, children, or individuals with underlying health conditions without seeking advice from a medical professional. It’s important to note that the United States FDA has not approved seven blossoms tea as a health supplement for any of these health claims.

1. Promotes Sleep and Helps With Insomnia

Seven blossom tea is an herbal tea made from seven different flowers and herbs that have been used for centuries to promote peaceful, restful sleep. Its calming effects help those who have insomnia find relief. Studies have shown that drinking seven blossom tea can increase the time spent in deep, restorative sleep while reducing the time it takes to fall asleep.

Its subtle flavor makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a simple means to unwind before sleeping.

2. Good for General Relaxation, Anxiety, and Stress Relief

Seven blossom tea is a powerful tool for those looking to reduce stress, anxiety, and general feelings of unease. The main ingredients include linden flower, valerian root, passion flower, manita flower, tilia flower, spearmint leaf, peppermint leaf, lemon balm leaf, and orange oil. These natural herbs provide various calming benefits that can help with relaxation and reducing stress levels.

Consistently consuming seven blossoms tea can help you experience a greater sense of calmness in your daily routine.

3. Promotes Healthy Heart and Blood Circulation

Seven blossom tea can promote heart health and improve blood circulation. Rich in antioxidants, seven blossom tea helps reduce inflammation and protect the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Also, it prevents artery clots, lowers cholesterol levels, and decreases high blood pressure. The unique blend of seven herbs also contains anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help to improve overall cardiovascular health.

4. Helps Digestion

The seven blossom tea consists of a unique blend of seven herbs, which include linden flower, valerian root, passion flower, manita flower, tilia flower, spearmint leaf, peppermint leaf, lemon balm leaf, and orange oil. All of these ingredients have natural compounds that can help to soothe the stomach and intestines while promoting regularity in your digestive system. 

Additionally, this tea can help reduce bloating and gas, common symptoms of indigestion or constipation. For optimal benefits, steep seven blossoms tea in boiling water for a minimum of five minutes prior to consumption.

Seven blossom tea can ease digestive problems with regular use without taking over-the-counter medications or supplements.

5. Detoxing and Boosting the Immune System

The high level of antioxidants found in seven blossoms tea is responsible for many of its benefits, as it helps to neutralize the harmful impact of free radicals. Our daily lives expose us to free radicals through various means, such as consuming processed foods, smoking, drinking alcohol, or excessive exposure to the sun. Despite the tea’s antioxidants sparking speculation about its anti-cancer potential, further research is needed to validate these claims.

6. Relief of Cold and Flu Symptoms

Sick woman sneezing

Seven blossom tea is known to help alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu. It serves as an excellent substitute for throat lozenges and cough drops. It provides comparable benefits to taking aspirin or paracetamol.

Drinking seven blossoms tea regularly may reduce your risk of developing more severe illnesses such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

7. Relief from Pain and Inflammation

The high level of antioxidants in seven blossom tea provides it with anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to alleviate swelling and inflammation. It also contains flavonoids and terpenes that can reduce pain by possessing analgesic effects.

Seven Blossoms Tea: Potential Side Effects

While 7 blossoms tea can be beneficial as a natural remedy, there are some potential side effects associated with drinking it that should be considered.

The most common side effect reported by people who drink seven blossom tea is feeling drowsy or sleepy after consumption. The herbs found in this tea have calming properties, which can induce a feeling of relaxation and fatigue. It’s important to note that this feeling only lasts for a short period, so it should be okay with your daily activities if you drink this herbal tea occasionally.

In addition to making you feel drowsy, drinking large amounts of seven blossom tea may also lead to dehydration due to its diuretic qualities, which increase urine production. People who suffer from kidney or heart conditions should avoid consuming too much, as dehydration can worsen these conditions over time. If you decide to drink 7 azahares tea regularly, then make sure that you also stay properly hydrated.

Finally, seven blossom tea can also interact with medications such as anticoagulants and anti-depressants. So, speaking to your doctor before beginning any new herbal regimen is best. Knowing these potential side effects can help you determine whether or not seven blossoms tea is the best option for you.

What Does 7 Azahares Tea Have In It?

Seven blossom tea is created by blending several different types of flowers and herbs — linden flower, valerian root, passion flower, manita flower, tilia flower, spearmint leaf, peppermint leaf, lemon balm leaf, and orange oil — all of which are grown and harvested in Mexico. As such, 7 Azahares tea is a unique herbal tea with a distinct flavor and aroma that can’t be found anywhere else.

Does Seven Blossoms Tea Have Caffeine?

Seven blossoms tea is known for its calming properties and is caffeine-free. It is recommended to carefully read the label or packaging, though. Certain brands may incorporate black tea or other caffeinated teas into their seven blossoms blend to enhance their flavor profile.

How to Brew a Perfect Cup

First, measure one teaspoon of loose leaf and place it in an infuser or teapot. Heat 8 oz of water until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Position the infuser into your mug or teapot, and pour the hot water over the leaves. Let the tea steep for 4-5 minutes, then remove the infuser or strain it before serving.

You can also add honey or lemon slices if desired for added flavor.

Where to Buy Seven Blossoms Tea

Seven blossoms tea is a highly sought-after product and can frequently be found in stores that specialize in tea. Additionally, it’s available for purchase online.

7 Azahares Tea History

Originating from ancient Mexico, seven blossoms tea (or te de Siete Azahares) may be unfamiliar to you. However, some of its ingredients, including valerian root and peppermint leaf, are likely recognizable. While ingredient variations exist between brands, standard components in seven blossoms tea include linden flower, valerian root, passion flower, manita flower, tilia flower, spearmint leaf, peppermint leaf, lemon balm leaf, and orange oil.

Some brands may also feature Mexican elder, anise seed, jasmine, lavender, or till star. As you familiarize yourself with the tea’s differences and intricacies across various brands, you’ll learn to recognize the variation that fits your taste best.

Final Thoughts

With its distinctive flavor, seven blossom tea is a herbal blend that provides a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day. Although it may produce certain side effects, such as dehydration or interactions with medications, these are usually mild if consumed in moderation.

With its caffeine-free formulation, seven blossoms tea may be an excellent choice for those looking for a calming tea without the stimulating properties of caffeinated teas.

To brew your perfect cup at home, measure one teaspoon of loose leaf and steep it in 8 ounces of hot water (180°F) for 4-5 minutes before straining the leaves.


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