Smoking Chamomile – Are there Any Proven Benefits?

Known for its relaxing qualities, chamomile tea is a favored herbal drink. Have you ever considered whether it can be smoked? People have smoked herbs for centuries, and some believe chamomile has tea-like effects when smoked. 

This post will examine the safety and effectiveness of smoking chamomile and its potential benefits or risks.

Smoking Chamomile: Benefits and Risks

Research into the potential advantages of smoking chamomile is limited. Chamomile tea consumption has been linked to various health benefits, such as better sleep and reduced inflammation. However, smoking the herb may not offer similar effects.

As for the risks, the herb itself isn’t harmful, but smoking chamomile (from leaves of teabag) is not recommended as it can be detrimental to your lungs, just like smoking any other substance. 

You could consider purchasing chamomile herbal cigarettes, which can be legally sold to smokers of any age in many locations since they do not contain tobacco or nicotine. Herbal cigarettes have toxins and carcinogens like tobacco smoke – FTC report.

The FTC mandated all herbal cigarette manufacturers to include a warning label on the packaging stating that they are hazardous to health and produce tar and carbon monoxide.

However, while smoking any herb poses pulmonary risks, it can serve as a nicotine-free and tobacco-free alternative for individuals trying to quit smoking, especially since some herbs like chamomile offer various health benefits.

Can You Smoke Chamomile From Tea Bag?

It is feasible to smoke chamomile from a tea bag; however, it is not advised. The purpose of chamomile tea bags is for infusion in hot water, and smoking them might be unsafe due to the materials used in the tea bag. 

As previously noted, the possible benefits of smoking chamomile are not well researched, and its potential advantages compared to drinking chamomile tea remain uncertain. And as for the risks, smoking chamomile poses a similar risk to your lungs as smoking regular cigarettes.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea?

Though there may be limited information regarding smoking chamomile, scientific studies have confirmed that consuming chamomile tea provides several scientifically-backed health benefits. While not studied extensively, smoking chamomile may provide similar benefits as drinking chamomile tea if you opt for this method.

Here are a few of the scientifically established benefits of drinking chamomile tea:

  • Chamomile tea consumption has been associated with enhanced sleep quality, fewer nighttime awakenings, and quicker sleep initiation.
  • Chamomile tea consumption is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects that can help relieve gut inflammation and discomfort. Prevents stomach ulcers by reducing acidity and inhibiting bacteria.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile tea may aid in reducing blood sugar levels and prevent damage to pancreatic cells from high blood sugar.
  • Chamomile tea’s flavones content may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both significant indicators of heart disease risk.
  • Chamomile tea has a calming effect that may relieve symptoms related to the common cold, like easing congestion and reducing inflammation.
  • Chamomile may reduce anxiety and depression with aromatherapy/supplement use.
  • Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can alleviate redness and irritation while protecting against environmental stressors that may lead to premature aging. Recent reports suggest that including chamomile in cosmetic formulas such as lotions, eye creams, and soaps provides moisture to the skin while also diminishing inflammation levels.

While initial findings are encouraging, additional research is required to assess these advantages’ scope comprehensively. Additionally, chamomile tea should not replace medical treatment for severe health conditions.

Who Should Avoid Chamomile?

Although most people can safely consume chamomile tea, some should avoid drinking it due to potential risks. These include:

  • Those with allergies to daisy family plants like ragweed or chrysanthemums as these people may experience allergic reactions.
  • Before consuming chamomile tea, pregnant women should consult their physician since it could potentially stimulate the uterus.
  • To avoid potential drug interactions, taking blood thinners or other medications should consult their healthcare provider before consuming chamomile tea.


It is not recommended to smoke chamomile for its potential benefits. It is recommended to use traditional methods of enjoying chamomile, such as brewing tea or incorporating it into aromatherapy, for optimal results.

It’s recommended to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before trying chamomile to explore its potential benefits.

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