The Best Hibiscus Tea Brands of 2023

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Hibiscus tea is a type of herbal tea made from the colorful and fragrant petals of the hibiscus flower. Appreciated for its tangy flavor and potential health benefits, it’s enjoyed hot or iced worldwide. 

We’ve sampled dozens of hibiscus tea brands, testing single-ingredient and blended versions. Our journey spanned hibiscus teas in many forms – loose-leaf with dried flowers and petals, easy-to-use tea bags, and quick-brewing K-cup pods. And we didn’t limit ourselves by price – we tried them all.

Here are the best hibiscus teas we’ve identified:

The 8 Best Hibiscus Teas

While all hibiscus teas promise an excellent flavor and many health benefits, not all are created equal. We curated a list of the best hibiscus teas, representing a balance of taste, quality, and value. Each of these best hibiscus tea brands was carefully selected after thorough testing.

1. The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Tea Bags – Best Hibiscus Tea Overall

The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Tea Bags

The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Tea Bags is an exciting blend of natural ingredients. The foundation of this tea is Nigerian hibiscus blossoms, known for their distinct ruby-red color. They impart a bold, tropical flavor to the tea, reminiscent of a tropical summer day. Berry and bright citrus flavors emerging from these blossoms are essential to the tea’s taste profile.

The blend is rounded out by sweet blackberry leaves and stevia, lending the tea a degree of sweetness that contrasts with the tanginess of hibiscus. In terms of packaging, the tea comes in an air-tight tin to maintain freshness, containing 36 round, unbleached tea bags without any unnecessary envelopes, strings, tags, or staples.

This hibiscus tea is caffeine-free, carb-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, and kosher. Steeping one tea bag in boiling water for 5-7 minutes releases the full-bodied flavor and aroma of the tea, which can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

According to our tastes, this is the best hibiscus tea we have tested for this roundup review.


  • The tea’s rich and bold flavor impresses, presenting an enjoyable taste experience.
  • Its packaging stands out for both convenience and aesthetic appeal.
  • A single bag of this tea proves potent enough to brew a full-bodied and satisfying cup.
  • This tea effectively curbs sugar cravings, offering a delightful alternative to sweet tea.
  • Beyond its palatable taste, the tea potentially contributes to health benefits such as reduced blood pressure.
  • It is remarkably versatile, proving to be refreshing whether served hot or cold.
  • Its natural sweetness allows for a pleasant experience without additional sugar.


  • Those expecting a sharper tang might find the flavor mellow due to the influence of sweeteners like stevia.
  • It comes at a higher price point than other tea offerings in the market.
  • Its robust flavor might prove too intense for some people.
  • The tea’s potency seems to lessen over time, requiring more bags to achieve the desired strength.
  • Be aware that its vibrant pigmentation could lead to staining of the teeth.

2. Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Tea – Runner-up

Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Tea

Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Tea is a natural beverage from certified organic hibiscus flowers. With a rich crimson hue, this tea offers a unique, slightly tart taste that is pleasantly fruity. It is one of the best hibiscus teas for those who enjoy variety in their tea consumption, as it can be served either hot or cold, depending on preference.

Each box contains 18 bleach-free tea bags containing 1.5 grams of hibiscus each. The tea, sourced from Burkina Faso, is prepared by steeping for 2 to 5 minutes at a temperature of 205°. Notably, it is caffeine-free, making it suitable for those avoiding stimulants.

Adhering to stringent quality standards, this tea is certified as USDA Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free, with no artificial colors, preservatives, or additives.

The primary ingredient in Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Tea is organic hibiscus flower, known for its high Vitamin C content and other potential health benefits.


  • The product has a significant effect on lowering blood pressure.
  • The tea has a delicate, tangy, and unique flavor.
  • The product is pure and contains only one ingredient, organic hibiscus flowers.
  • The tea has a vibrant color, which adds to the overall enjoyment of the drink.
  • The product is well-packaged and sustainable, with no harmful additives.
  • The tea tastes good both hot and cold, and doesn’t necessarily need a sweetener.


  • The product may be considered expensive for some customers’ budgets.
  • The dry taste of the tea may not appeal to some users.
  • The tight packaging makes the tea bags sometimes rip when opening the envelope.
  • Some customers may experience dissatisfaction with missing tea bags from the box.
  • While it generally lowers blood pressure, it might not be effective enough for individuals with extremely high readings.
  • Some customers may have concerns about the crimson color of the tea, questioning if additional coloring ingredients were used.

3. U.S. Wellness Naturals Organic Hibiscus Flowers (Whole Petals) – Best Loose-Leaf Hibiscus Tea (Dried Flowers)

U.S. Wellness Naturals Organic Hibiscus Flowers (Whole Petals)

U.S. Wellness Naturals Organic Hibiscus Flowers (Whole Petals) is a unique and diverse product offering a world of flavor, aroma, and utility. As the best loose-leaf hibiscus tea, the product is an assortment of hibiscus whole petals sourced directly from the fertile landscapes of the Faiyum Oasis in Egypt. The flowers harvested here are vibrant and are free from pesticides or herbicides, certified by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA).

The aroma is a delightful part of this tea. Upon opening the bag, the fragrance wafts through the air, signaling the freshness of the product. The hibiscus flowers’ essence is captured completely, inviting a relaxing tea preparation process.

The tea has a unique tart fruity flavor that offers an enjoyable experience, whether served hot or cold. The intensity of the tea is balanced, and the refreshing nature of the hibiscus comes out beautifully. You can savor the rich nutrients in these petals, including calcium, iron, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

The product’s packaging is functional; the 1 lb. hibiscus tea comes in a resealable Kraft BPA-free bag. The bag ensures the tea stays fresh and the petals retain their quality. The loose-leaf format of the tea provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust the strength of your brew.

Although the product delivers a flavorful tea, it also presents the potential for culinary adventures. The whole petals can be used in salads and jams, extending their usability beyond just tea.


  • This product has been noted for its potential to aid in lowering high blood pressure.
  • The hibiscus tea offers a naturally sweet taste, reducing the necessity for additional sweeteners.
  • It’s versatile and can be enjoyed both hot and cold, catering to diverse preferences and climates.
  • The generous quantity provided ensures excellent value for money.
  • With proper storage, the tea can retain its freshness for a long time.
  • The refreshing and pleasing taste and aroma enhance the overall drinking experience.
  • The vibrant color of the tea enhances its visual appeal, making it a delight to serve and consume.


  • The packaging size may be too large for those who consume the tea less frequently.
  • The product’s efficacy in lowering blood pressure may not be universally applicable.
  • The bag occasionally includes non-petal components, which may require inspection before use.
  • The whole flowers may demand significant storage space.
  • To achieve a strong flavor, one may need to use more of the whole petal product compared to crushed options.
  • This product may not be the best choice for those who prefer processed or cut hibiscus.

4. Rishi Blueberry Hibiscus Tea Bags – Best Hibiscus Tea Blend

Rishi Blueberry Hibiscus Tea Bags

Rishi’s Blueberry Hibiscus Tea is a unique blend that captures a variety of flavor profiles. The tea comes in biodegradable, BPA-free sachets and is offered in a 50-count box. Each sachet is filled with an organic, non-GMO tea blend, free from gluten and dairy, making it suitable for various dietary needs.

This tea is primarily characterized by the distinct taste of organic hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus introduces a tartness to the blend. At the same time, Great Lakes blueberries and wild-harvested schisandra berries contribute sweeter and floral accents, respectively. Combined, these ingredients make this tea one of the best hibiscus blends.

Schisandra berries, commonly called the “five-flavor fruit,” are known in East Asia for their wide range of flavors and potential stress-relief properties. They further add complexity to this vibrant blend of forest berries. Organic rooibos and elderberries are also included in the blend, lending a slightly earthy undertone.


  • The tea presents a delicious and satisfying taste, boasting a sweet and fruity profile.
  • Its use of tea sachets over traditional tea bags provides a modern and convenient approach.
  • The aroma is potent and pleasant, enhancing the overall experience of the tea.
  • As a potential dietary aid, it can complement weight loss programs and satisfy sweet cravings.
  • The individual packaging of tea bags speaks to the product’s high-quality approach.
  • Versatility shines with this tea, suitable for both hot and iced preparation.
  • Organic ingredients contribute to potential health benefits, including immune support.


  • The intensity of the blueberry flavor may not appeal to everyone’s palate.
  • The tea’s price point is higher than average, which may deter some potential consumers.
  • Occasional inconsistencies with the number of tea bags per order have been noticed.
  • The taste may come off as bitter or different than expected for some individuals.

5. FGO Organic Hibiscus Tea K-Cup Pods – Best Hibiscus Tea K-Cup Pods

FGO Organic Hibiscus Tea K-Cup Pods

The FGO Organic Hibiscus Tea K-Cup Pods bring a unique flavor profile to your cup. With organic hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa) sourced directly from Egypt, these pods deliver a delightful blend of sweet and tart notes. When brewed, this tea reveals a deep, dark red color that is as visually appealing as it is aromatic.

This best hibiscus tea K-cups is ideal for those seeking a caffeine-free beverage with a bold, satisfying taste. The quality of the ingredients manifests in the saturated hibiscus flavor, which, while strong, is never bitter. The taste can be described as similar to a tangy, lemonade-type flavor. However, some may choose to sweeten it further to match their preferences.

The tea comes in Keurig(R)-compatible recyclable pods, signifying a blend of convenience and environmentally-conscious packaging. One box contains 24 pods, ensuring ample servings for your enjoyment. The tea is best stored in a cool, dark, or dry place to maintain its freshness and quality.


  • The tea is distinctive with its bold and robust flavor profile.
  • The K-cups packaging enhances convenience and ease of use.
  • The rich, deep red color of the tea adds to its appeal.
  • The strong character of the tea is appealing to ardent tea enthusiasts.
  • Potential health benefits, such as acting as a vasodilator, add to its value.
  • The tea offers a commendable balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.


  • The intense strength of the tea might not cater to everyone’s palate.
  • Brewing the tea can be messy and occasionally cause Keurig machines problems.
  • Some might find the taste a bit bitter or sour, even with added sugar.
  • The product has the potential to temporarily stain skin upon direct contact.
  • The distinct hibiscus flavor may not appeal to all, especially those unfamiliar with it.
  • There are inconsistencies with the strength of the tea from some K-cups, with some producing a weaker brew.

6. Teatulia Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea Bags – Good Choice Overall

Teatulia Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea Bags

Teatulia Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea is a blend of sweet berries and tart hibiscus. It is a good hibiscus tea for anyone looking for a naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion packed with antioxidants and a great source of vitamin C from rose hips. The harmonious marriage of the ingredients, which are all organically grown, gives this tea a refreshing taste and a wonderful aroma, perfect for any time of day.

This product comes in a pack of 50 individually wrapped square tea bags, each containing 2 grams of fine-cut organic tea. The square paper tea bags are designed for convenience, allowing for easy brewing without additional equipment. It can be enjoyed either hot or cold, depending on your preference, and it does not require the addition of sugar to enhance its flavor.

Teatulia Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea Bags’ packaging reflects the brand’s sustainability commitment. The tea bags are free from micro-plastics, with no strings, tags, or staples, reducing waste significantly. Furthermore, the tea bags and wrappers are compostable, and the box is recyclable, emphasizing the brand’s earth-first philosophy.


  • The tea has a flavorful and robust taste, enjoyable both hot and cold.
  • Can be combined well with green tea to create a unique blend.
  • The aroma of the tea is enjoyable and enhances the drinking experience.
  • Versatile, it can make a great latte with various milk options.
  • It doesn’t require any additional sweeteners, being tasty on its own.
  • It’s a caffeine-free option, suitable for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake.


  • Didn’t find anything significant.

7. Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags – Good Choice Overall

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags offer a delightful, all-natural beverage for tea lovers. This product comprises 96 teabags packed in six boxes, offering an ideal blend of tart, tangy, and fruity flavors, a hallmark of good hibiscus tea. The taste profile is further enhanced by adding organic blackberry leaf and West Indian lemongrass leaf, making it an excellent option for both hot and iced servings.

The tea is sourced from heat-loving hibiscus plants grown on organic farms in Egypt. The harvested red centers of the flowers, known as calyces, serve as the primary ingredient. This high-quality hibiscus tea contains zero caffeine and supports cardiovascular health, which makes it an excellent daily beverage choice.

The serving size is one tea bag which makes an 8 fl. oz. serving, with 16 servings per container. Each serving provides 1260mg of organic hibiscus flower, making it a potent blend for hibiscus tea enthusiasts.

This organic product, certified by CCOF, is also non-GMO verified, Fair Trade Certified, and kosher. It is also gluten-free, further broadening its appeal for consumers with dietary restrictions. The ingredients are sourced from ethical trading partnerships, ensuring consistently high-quality herbs.


  • This tea can support hypertension management, given its properties that aid blood pressure control.
  • The distinctive tangy, fruity, and slightly sour taste sets it apart, creating an enjoyable flavor profile that typically doesn’t require additional sweeteners.
  • The health benefits of this tea are substantial, offering a rich source of antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation, manage cholesterol levels, and support weight loss.
  • We find the quality of ingredients commendable, featuring fresh, organic hibiscus petals that contribute to the overall quality and potency of the tea.
  • Its versatility is noteworthy, as it can be enjoyed both hot and cold, catering to varying weather conditions and personal preferences.
  • The tea’s potency is significant, providing a substantial amount of hibiscus in each serving, thus enhancing its health benefits.
  • The packaging of the tea enhances its convenience with individually wrapped tea bags that are easy to use and carry around.


  • There have been occasional issues with the packaging, including instances of unsealed tea bags and detached tags.
  • While generally well-received, the flavor can be overly bitter for some tastes, indicating a potential mismatch for those who prefer a less sharp flavor.
  • Despite claims of positive effects on blood sugar and blood pressure levels, these benefits might not be consistently experienced by all users.
  • Some may consider the pricing steep, which could make it a less attractive choice for those on a tighter budget.

8. FGO Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags – Good Choice Overall

FGO Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags

The FGO Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags offer tea lovers a refreshing, caffeine-free alternative. Each package contains 100 tea bags filled with premium, organic Hibiscus flowers sourced from Egypt. The tea bags themselves are made from eco-conscious, dye-free, adhesive-free, and chlorine bleach-free Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper. Furthermore, these tea bags come without traditional strings, staples, or extra waste, making them environmentally friendly.

This good hibiscus tea greets you with a vivid, lovely pink hue when brewed. The taste is a pleasant mix of sweet and slightly tart, reminiscent of cranberry juice. It boasts a captivating aroma that adds to the overall tea-drinking experience.

The packaging ensures freshness and quality. The tea bags are packed into foil-lined kraft bags in California, protecting them from potential damage. The kraft bags feature a resealable zipper, a 5-layer structure with foil lining, rounded corners, and a tear notch for easy opening.

This hibiscus tea is suitable for various diets as it is USDA Organic and Non-GMO certified. However, it should be noted that it is intercropped in fields that also grow peanuts, which may pose an issue for individuals with allergies.


  • The product is organic, a quality highly valued by many consumers.
  • The tea offers a rich hibiscus flavor without adding sweeteners or other leaves.
  • It is versatile, tastes good as a hot beverage or as iced tea, and pairs well with other flavors like cacao and citrus.
  • The tea has potential health benefits, as several reviews indicate it helps with high blood pressure.
  • The product provides a refreshing alternative to coffee and caffeinated teas.
  • It offers value for money due to the quantity of tea bags provided.
  • The packaging is resealable, making it convenient and helping to maintain freshness.


  • The tea bags are somewhat weak and prone to ripping during brewing.
  • The taste may seem diluted, necessitating the use of two bags per serving.
  • Steeping time can be longer than expected to get the desired flavor.
  • There is an inconsistency in the amount of tea per tea bag, indicating quality control issues.
  • The tea may be less appealing to those used to the robustness of loose-leaf tea.

How We Selected the Best Hibiscus Teas

The selection was a challenging task. These are the aspects that we considered when creating our shortlist.

Single-Ingredient or a Blend

Hibiscus tea can be a single-ingredient brew or a blend mixed with other herbs and spices. While single-ingredient hibiscus teas spotlight the tart flavor profile of the flower, blends can introduce additional notes for a more complex taste. Both types have their own charm, and our list includes the best hibiscus teas of each kind.


Hibiscus teas come in different forms. Loose-leaf teas (comprising dried flowers and petals, sifted&cut or whole) offer the freshest flavor and the ability to adjust the strength. Tea bags and K-cups provide convenience and consistency. Our selection of the best hibiscus tea brands includes products from each of these categories.


The price of hibiscus tea can vary widely based on the form, brand, quality of the ingredients, and packaging. A lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise on quality. We considered the cost per cup, ensuring that each of the best hibiscus teas we selected offers good value for money.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hibiscus Teas

When choosing the best hibiscus tea for you, several factors come into play. Here are some tips to help guide your decision:

  • Type: Decide between single-ingredient or blended hibiscus teas based on your flavor preference. Single-ingredient hibiscus teas deliver the pure, tart flavor of hibiscus. At the same time, blends can offer a more complex taste profile with added herbs and spices.
  • Form: If convenience is key, consider tea bags or K-cup pods. They are easy to brew and dispose of, perfect for quick cups of tea. On the other hand, loose-leaf hibiscus teas require more preparation but often provide fresher and richer flavors.
  • Organic: The best organic hibiscus tea brands use leaves free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Opting for organic ensures you are getting a product that is as natural as possible.
  • Brand: Consider the reputation of the brand. The best hibiscus tea brand will have positive reviews and a good track record for quality and customer service.
  • Price: The best hibiscus teas are not always the most expensive ones. Consider the price per cup, and remember that bulk purchasing can often save money in the long run.
  • Packaging: Look for brands that use sustainable and biodegradable packaging. This benefits the environment and assures you that the brand cares about its impact.
  • Taste: This is, of course, very subjective. Some people prefer the best-tasting hibiscus tea to be very tart, while others like it to be milder. Reading reviews can give you a sense of the taste profile before buying.
  • Health Benefits: Hibiscus tea is often touted for its health benefits, including blood pressure reduction and weight management. If these potential health benefits are important to you, consider looking for brands that provide a high concentration of hibiscus.

Considering these tips, you’ll be better equipped to find the best hibiscus teas that cater to your personal preferences and needs.

Final Thoughts

Although we’ve gone to great lengths to select the best hibiscus teas, the market constantly evolves with new products. We’ll update this list as we discover and test these new offerings. 

Remember, the best hibiscus tea brand for us might not be the best for you. We encourage you to try a variety of these recommendations to find your own favorite.


Is It Safe to Drink Hibiscus Tea Everyday?

In moderation, it’s safe for most people to consume hibiscus tea daily. However, as with any food or drink, individual reactions may vary.

Does Hibiscus Tea Lower Blood Pressure?

Yes, hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure. Several studies, including one involving 46 adults with high blood pressure, have shown that drinking hibiscus tea combined with lifestyle and dietary changes can help lower blood pressure more effectively than changes in diet and lifestyle alone (1). This is one of the many potential health benefits of hibiscus tea.

Should Hibiscus Tea Be Taken in the Morning or Night?

Hibiscus tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day. However, because it can have diuretic effects, some people prefer to drink it earlier in the day.

Does Hibiscus Tea Reduce Belly Fat?

Growing evidence suggests that hibiscus may aid in weight loss and protect against obesity. Certain animal studies have indicated that hibiscus extracts might inhibit fat cell accumulation, potentially helping to ward off obesity-related complications such as fatty liver and insulin resistance (2, 3).

Moreover, the fiber content in some hibiscus preparations could also prevent weight gain (4).

However, it’s crucial to note that while these findings are promising, further research, particularly human studies, is necessary to fully understand the potential anti-obesity effects of hibiscus. Therefore, while hibiscus tea may contribute to a healthy lifestyle, it should not be solely relied upon for weight loss. As always, maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise are the most effective ways to reduce belly fat.

How to Make Hibiscus Teas?

Making hibiscus tea is straightforward. Simply steep hibiscus (loose or in a teabag) in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Sweeten if desired and enjoy hot or chill for a refreshing iced version. 

But remember, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best-tasting hibiscus tea.

What Does Hibiscus Tea Taste Like?

Hibiscus tea has a tart, cranberry-like flavor. The flavor can vary slightly depending on whether it’s a single-ingredient tea or a blend.

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