Editorial Process & Fact Checking

At Chinese Teas 101, we take the accuracy of our informational content and product reviews extremely seriously.

If you suspect an error in our information, we encourage you to get in touch with us through email at [email protected].


Every piece of content we publish is subjected to rigorous fact-checking and validation for truthfulness. This is made possible by our robust editorial policies.

Each article we publish involves two key individuals – the author and the editor. It’s important to note that these two roles are filled by separate individuals.

The editor plays a vital role in verifying the content, conducting fact-checks, detecting errors, and ensuring the overall accuracy and impartiality of our content.

Our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible.

How We Procure Products

Our team has a profound love for exploring and reviewing a myriad of teas. Most of the products we examine are bought at standard retail prices, akin to any consumer. Occasionally, we also test products sent directly by the manufacturers.

Regardless of the procurement method, we aim to provide comprehensive testing and review of each item, comparing it to its counterparts.

Again, our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible.

Whenever we write about the health benefits of different types of teas, we always cross-reference with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) to ensure the information we provide is accurate and in line with current research on the topic. In this context, we may not always have a specific branded product at hand.

Whenever we write about specific branded products, we make sure to purchase the products and test them ourselves before drafting the review. So when you read an article about, for example, the best teas for sleep, or about the best chamomile teas (known as one of the best sleep-inducing teas), you can rest assured that the article is based not only on what we’ve found in the NCBI database, but also on our personal experience.

Our Testing And Review Process

Our process involves investing a significant amount of time in testing, researching, and pondering various products for each article. This process includes sourcing information from diverse areas, including our own experience, customer reviews, and YouTube videos, among others.

You may think that tea is a simple product, and there’s nothing to test it for. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Different types of teas have different properties. But what exactly are these properties?

Which teas best suit your needs?

Which are the most effective?

Which ones taste better?

Is it better to buy single-ingredient teas or blends?

Is loose-leaf tea always a better choice over tea bags?

We test various teas and attempt to answer all these questions.

Here’s an example.

We were curious about which teas could aid in sleep.

Many teas have sleep-inducing properties, the most prominent being chamomile, lavender, linden flower, valerian root, and passion flower.

But which ones are the most potent?

We purchased ten different branded teas of each type and thoroughly tested them for their sleep-inducing properties.

Three different people from our review team tested the products for more than a week and discovered that chamomile tea is the most potent among the ones mentioned above in terms of its ability to promote a good night’s sleep.

We also discovered that not all chamomile teas are created equal. Some are more potent than others.

In addition, we tested the products for taste, aroma, packaging quality, and the quality of the dried flowers.

We meticulously recorded notes and compared even the minutest of details. Everything was entered into a spreadsheet for analysis:

Review process example

After this extensive analysis, we filter out the noise and identify a select few products that we believe will suit our audience best. This stage is where we believe we provide the most value – saving you time and effort in conducting your own research.

Following the testing and analysis stage, we begin the writing process. Armed with the wealth of information we have gathered, we undergo multiple rounds of editing and revisions to ensure only the most relevant details are mentioned.

In summary, we perform the tasks that you would undertake when shopping for tea – we just invest significantly more time on each review than the average consumer.

You can view us as your personal tea research service – we examine different types of teas and blends for you, providing only the most relevant results in an easy-to-read format.


In the event that you find an error in our content, we request that you reach out to us by email at [email protected].