The Best English Breakfast Tea Brands of 2023

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English breakfast tea is a traditional blend of robust black teas, typically from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. It is known for its full-bodied flavor and rich color. It’s a popular morning drink, often enjoyed with milk and sugar.

After testing many brands, forms, flavors, and price points, we’ve narrowed down the best English breakfast teas available on the market for 2023.

Here are the best English breakfast teas we have found:

Runner-up English Breakfast Tea: Rishi English Breakfast Tea Bags
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The 8 Best English Breakfast Teas

We’ve tested dozens of English breakfast teas, from loose-leaf to tea bags and K-cups, from strong to decaf, and budget-friendly to premium options.

Here are our top picks.

1. The Republic of Tea, British Breakfast Black Tea Bags – Best English Breakfast Tea Overall

The Republic of Tea, British Breakfast Black Tea Bags

The Republic of Tea’s British Breakfast Black Tea Bags combines the finest black tea leaves from India, Africa, and Sri Lanka, making it one of the best English breakfast tea choices for discerning tea lovers. 

The robust flavor profile of the tea provides a well-rounded, full-bodied experience, with each sip delivering a complex interplay of bold, hearty notes and smooth, nuanced undertones. 

This product comes packaged in a tin containing 50 tea bags, designed for freshness and convenience. Each tea bag infuses the water with a sunburst orange hue, a visual treat to complement its delightful taste. 

Furthermore, this tea is carb-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, Non-GMO, and kosher, ensuring it can be a part of various dietary plans. 

Steeping it is simple: heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil, pour 6 oz over a tea bag, and steep for 3-5 minutes.


  • Contains quality black tea leaves from multiple sources, offering a rich and unique flavor profile.
  • Packaged in a convenient and durable tin that includes 50 tea bags.
  • Gluten-free, carb-free, sugar-free, Non-GMO, and kosher.
  • Long shelf life due to airtight packaging.


  • Some users may find the tea to lack the boldness associated with traditional breakfast teas.
  • More expensive compared to other brands.
  • The round tea bags lack a string for easy removal.

2. Rishi English Breakfast Tea Bags – Runner-up

Rishi English Breakfast Tea Bags

Made from organic black tea, Rishi English Breakfast Tea Bags is one of the best English breakfast teas we have tried. When brewed, it has a characteristic bright red color, producing a noticeable aroma that can be inviting to tea enthusiasts. Each sip presents a robust, full-bodied flavor punctuated by undertones of caramel sweetness, which may be appreciated as it is or softened with additions of milk or sugar. 

Each box contains 50 biodegradable, BPA-free sachets, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and health.

This high-caffeine tea is labeled as USDA Organic and Non-GMO. Regarding allergen information, this product is salmon roe free, potentially catering to a broad range of dietary preferences.


  • Delivers a distinct robust, full-bodied flavor with caramel sweetness.
  • Contains high caffeine content, suitable for a morning boost.
  • Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO.
  • Packaged in biodegradable, BPA-free sachets.
  • Accommodates a wide variety of dietary preferences, being salmon roe free.
  • Carries a noticeable, pleasant aroma when brewed.


  • Priced higher than some other tea options in the market.

3. Harney & Sons Loose-Leaf English Breakfast Tea – Best Loose-Leaf English Breakfast Tea

Harney & Sons Loose-Leaf English Breakfast Tea

Harney & Sons offers a splendid blend with their Loose-Leaf English Breakfast Tea, crafted from 100% Keemun, a distinctive Chinese black tea variety. Harkening back to the traditional black tea savored by the English in the 1800s, this product is one of the best loose-leaf English Breakfast teas on the market. 

Presenting a medium-full bodied taste with an enticing toasty aroma, it carries the legacy of its age-old pedigree with a simple yet captivating charm.

The loose leaves are packed in a sleek 8 oz tin, retaining the tea’s freshness and purity. 

Notably, it holds the kosher certification and guarantees a gluten-free formulation, making it suitable for various diet preferences.


  • Excellent taste and aroma.
  • 100% Keemun loose-leaf tea, providing a superior quality compared to blended versions.
  • Kosher and gluten-free.
  • The packaging is sturdy, preserving the tea’s freshness.
  • The tea doesn’t get bitter when over-steeped.
  • Can be steeped multiple times, each steep releasing different flavors.
  • Suitable for both hot and cold brews.


  • Some consumers may find the flavor less robust than other English Breakfast teas.
  • The tea has a lower proportion of tea leaves to stems than other brands.
  • The price is relatively higher compared to other brands.

4. The Republic of Tea, Decaf British Breakfast Black Tea Bags – Best Decaf English Breakfast Tea

The Republic of Tea Decaf British Breakfast Black Tea Bags

The Republic of Tea’s Decaf British Breakfast Black Tea Bags contains fine decaffeinated black tea leaves from Assam, Africa, and Ceylon, offering a distinct, refreshing taste. This blend, free from carbohydrates, gluten, and sugar, and adhering to kosher guidelines, is compatible with various dietary needs.

Each tin comprises 50 tea bags, providing multiple servings of this robust, savory mixture. The tea is decaffeinated through a natural process to preserve its rich aroma and flavor. 

While this decaf tea is milder than its caffeinated counterpart, The Republic of Tea Decaf British Breakfast Black Tea is undoubtedly the best decaf English breakfast tea we’ve tasted in terms of flavor, robustness, and aroma.


  • Decaffeinated naturally, making it suitable for caffeine-sensitive individuals.
  • A blend of quality black tea leaves from diverse, well-known regions.
  • Accommodates various dietary requirements – gluten-free, sugar-free, carb-free, and kosher.
  • Each tin contains 50 tea bags, ensuring plenty of servings.


  • The taste is milder than its caffeinated counterpart.
  • Achieving a strong brew might require multiple tea bags.
  • Pricing could be higher compared to other brands on the market.
  • The tea leaves in the bag are small.

5. Twinings 1706 English Strong Breakfast Tea – Best Strong English Breakfast Tea

Twinings 1706 English Strong Breakfast Tea

The Twinings 1706 English Strong Breakfast Tea is a strong English breakfast tea with an intensity greater than your average breakfast blend. 

The product comes in a teabag format. Each pack contains two foil pouches of 40 tea bags each, so the number of tea bags per pack is 80. Since this is a three-pack set, this product’s total number of servings is 240. It’s important to note that once the foil pouch is opened, the remaining bags could potentially lose some flavor due to exposure.


  • Provides a strong, robust flavor that meets the preferences of those who enjoy bold black tea.
  • The three-box set offers 240 tea bags, ensuring long-term supply.
  • Flavor depth is maintained even when complemented with milk or sugar.
  • Freshness is maintained via foil pouch packaging.
  • Comes from Twinings, a well-known brand recognized for its quality tea blends.
  • Has a long shelf life, as indicated by the ‘Best Before’ date.


  • The absence of strings on the tea bags may be inconvenient for some.
  • Opened foil pouches might result in the remaining tea bags losing some flavor due to exposure.
  • The strong flavor might be overpowering for some.
  • The intensity of the blend could be too strong for making iced tea for some consumers.

6. Twinings English Breakfast Tea K-Cup Pods – Best English Breakfast Tea K-Cups

Twinings English Breakfast Tea K-Cup Pods

A long-standing tea brand, Twinings offers English Breakfast Tea in K-Cup Pods, providing a distinct flavor profile derived from selected black teas from five regions – Kenya, Indonesia, Assam, Malawi, and China. 

These best English breakfast tea K-cups give a complex, full-bodied, and lively taste, owing to the briskness of Kenyan and Malawian teas and the depth of Assam. The remaining two regions impart a softer note, balancing the robustness. 

Available in packs of 12ct, 24ct, and 48ct, these K-cups cater to a variety of tea-drinking habits and are apt for any time of day, serving either hot or cold. 

Brewing is straightforward with a Keurig or other single-serve brewers. However, it’s crucial to note that the flavor intensity may depend on the machine used. 

While Twinings endeavors to source their teas ethically and sustainably, customers should keep in mind the color and strength of this tea might differ from their regular brew.


  • Twinings English Breakfast Tea K-Cup Pods provide an authentic English breakfast tea experience.
  • The blend includes tea from five different regions, contributing to a complex flavor profile.
  • Easy to brew using a Keurig or other single-serve brewers.
  • Available in multiple sizes, catering to different usage levels.
  • Versatility in serving – can be enjoyed hot or cold.
  • Twinings prioritize ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.


  • K-cups may not provide the same depth of flavor as traditional tea bags.
  • The price point is higher compared to other brands in the market.

7. Vahdam English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea – Good Choice Overall

Vahdam English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea

If you like your English breakfast tea strong, consider trying Vahdam English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea. The tea leaves in this product are pure, single-region, unblended Assam whole-leaf tea sourced directly from high-elevation plantations in India, promising a high-quality experience in every cup. 

Each serving brews into a dark, coppery tea with well-twisted flowery orange pekoe and golden tips. This is a truly good English breakfast tea that has an enticing appearance and tantalizes the senses with a rich, sweet aroma and dense, intense taste.

With its piquantly malty mouthfeel harmoniously combined with hints of pinewood and nuttiness, this tea is a testament to the fine bounties of Assam. The caffeine content makes it an excellent choice for kickstarting your mornings.

The tea comes in a vacuum-sealed 12 oz bag inside a box. Once opened, a resealable bag is provided for storing the tea and preserving its freshness. This well-crafted product ensures that every cup is a regal and energizing experience.


  • A robust, full-bodied blend with a satisfying taste.
  • Sourced directly from high-elevation tea plantations in India, ensuring quality.
  • Appealing dark coppery appearance.
  • Convenient 12 oz loose leaf packaging, providing many servings.
  • Comes with a resealable bag to preserve freshness after opening.
  • Supports a company committed to social and environmental responsibility.
  • No bitterness or aftertaste, with a smooth, rich flavor profile.


  • High caffeine content may not be suitable for all.
  • Not the most budget-friendly option on the market.

8. Stash English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea – Good Choice Overall

Stash English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea

Stash English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea, a robust blend of premier black teas, is perfect for kickstarting your mornings or whenever you need a stimulating lift. Its bold, brisk, and flavorful nature comes from superior tea gardens across the globe, assuring a good English breakfast tea experience.

When brewed, the Stash English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea has a full-bodied taste, a distinctive richness, and a smooth background flavor. While not overly complex, it does offer a hint of bitterness that nicely balances the blend’s overall profile. The aroma is neither overpowering nor underwhelming, striking a pleasing equilibrium that enhances the tea-drinking experience.

As a loose-leaf tea, this product allows you to adjust the quantity per your preference. Each 16-ounce packaging can yield approximately 180-200 cups of tea, making it an economical and sustainable choice. The packaging is designed for ease of use, with a resealable feature that maintains the freshness of the tea.

Assam tea is the only ingredient in this tea, making it a pure and natural option for tea lovers.


  • The blend is composed of premier black teas.
  • A 16-ounce package can yield up to 200 cups.
  • Has a balanced, smooth, and robust flavor.
  • Comes in a resealable bag to keep the tea fresh.
  • A good choice for daily consumption.
  • Can be enjoyed plain or with milk and sugar.


  • Some may find the flavor too mild or lacking complexity.
  • The second brew from the same tea leaves is less potent.
  • A bit more expensive compared to other brands.
  • Some tea drinkers may find the larger leaves challenging to fit into a tea ball.

How We Selected the Best English Breakfast Teas

The process of selection was meticulous and data-driven. Here are the key factors we took into account.


English breakfast teas come in various forms, including convenient tea bags, loose-leaf varieties for a more traditional brewing experience, and K-cups for those who prefer their Keurig machines. The best English breakfast tea brand caters to these preferences, offering options for different consumers. Each form brings its unique quality, with loose-leaf often associated with robust flavor and K-cups providing convenience.

Caffeine Content

The caffeine content in English breakfast tea can vary. Some brands offer a robust, full-bodied tea brimming with caffeine, while others serve a milder version. There’s also the decaf option for those sensitive to caffeine. The best English breakfast tea brands cater to this range of needs, providing opportunities for a strong morning kickstart or a soothing cup to wind down.


The taste of English breakfast tea is also a key factor. It can be bold and rich, mild and mellow, or somewhere between. According to our findings, the best-tasting English breakfast tea balances strength and subtlety, providing a satisfying, flavorful brew.


The price per cup was also considered. The best English breakfast tea provides a great tasting experience without breaking the bank. Affordable options are just as delightful as some higher-priced varieties, making English breakfast tea a luxury anyone can enjoy.

Tips for Choosing the Best English Breakfast Tea

Choosing an English breakfast tea involves understanding your preferences and what to look for. Here are detailed tips to help you select the best English breakfast tea for you:

  • Identify Your Preferred Form: The form of the tea, whether loose-leaf, tea bag or K-cup, can impact its taste and your overall brewing experience. Loose-leaf often provides a more robust flavor, while tea bags and K-cups are perfect for quick and convenient brewing.
  • Consider the Caffeine Content: If you’re sensitive to caffeine or wish to have a cup in the late evening, go for decaffeinated versions or brands with lower caffeine content.
  • Pay Attention to the Flavor: The best-tasting English breakfast tea varies based on personal preference. Some people love a robust and bold flavor, while others prefer something lighter and milder. Trying out a few different brands will help you understand your preference.
  • Check the Origin: The origin of the tea can affect its taste. Teas from different regions have unique flavors. The best English breakfast tea brands often provide information on the origin of their tea leaves.
  • Organic or Not: If you prioritize health and environmental concerns, opt for the best organic English breakfast tea. They are free from synthetic pesticides and are grown using methods that have lower environmental impacts.
  • Price: The best English breakfast tea doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. Determine a price range that you’re comfortable with, and remember to consider the cost per cup, especially if you plan to consume the tea regularly.

Remember, the best English breakfast tea for you is one that fits your taste, lifestyle, and budget.


How Much Caffeine Is in English Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea typically contains about 40-70 milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz serving, but this can vary depending on the brand and brewing method.

What Does English Breakfast Tea Taste Like?

English Breakfast Tea has a robust, full-bodied flavor. It is often described as rich and malty with hints of sweetness.

What to Put in English Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea can be enjoyed plain or with milk and sugar to taste. Some people also want it with a slice of lemon.

What Is English Breakfast Tea Good For?

Aside from its delicious taste, English breakfast tea has several health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that can support heart health, help with weight management, and boost the immune system.

What Is the Difference Between English and Irish Breakfast Tea?

While both are robust black teas, Irish Breakfast Tea typically has a stronger, more intense flavor than English Breakfast Tea.

What Is the Difference Between Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea?

The main difference lies in the flavoring: Earl Grey is black tea flavored with oil from the rind of bergamot orange. At the same time, English Breakfast Tea is a blend of several black teas with no additional flavoring.

Is English Breakfast Tea Healthier Than Coffee?

Both beverages have their benefits, but English Breakfast Tea tends to be lower in caffeine. It can offer a smoother energy boost without the jitters often associated with coffee.

How to Make English Breakfast Tea?

To make English Breakfast Tea, heat water until it’s just short of boiling. Add one teaspoon of loose tea (or one tea bag) per cup. Steep for 3-5 minutes, then remove the tea. Add milk and sugar if desired. Remember, these instructions may vary slightly based on the brand, so following the manufacturer’s instructions on the label is recommended.

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