Maca Root Tea: Benefits, Side Effects, and How to Make It

Maca root tea is a healthful drink made from the dried root of the maca plant, scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii. The maca plant is a native of the Andes mountains in Peru and has been utilized as a medicinal and dietary supplement for centuries. The dried root is often powdered and used to make tea, delivering a distinct earthy flavor profile that has won over many tea enthusiasts around the globe.

Maca root

Potential Health Benefits of Maca Root Tea

Maca root tea isn’t just a flavorful delight; it’s also packed with several health benefits.

Enhances Energy Levels and Stamina

Maca root is known to be rich in various nutrients, including iron and iodine, which contribute to enhanced energy levels and improved stamina. It is also high in complex carbs, which are the body’s primary energy source.

Boosts Mood and Reduces Anxiety

Maca root contains flavonoids, plant compounds that have been linked to reduced levels of anxiety and improved overall mood. Consuming maca root tea may help to keep your spirits high and stress levels low.

Improves Sexual Health and Fertility

The use of maca root for boosting libido and fertility, particularly in men, is well-documented. Some research also suggests that it may help alleviate menopausal symptoms in women.

Maca Root Tea Side Effects

Like any other health supplement, maca root tea comes with its own set of potential side effects.

Digestive Issues

While generally safe, some people may experience mild digestive issues, such as stomach cramps or bloating, after consuming maca root tea.

Hormonal Imbalance

Due to its potential influence on hormone levels, prolonged or excessive consumption of maca root tea may lead to hormonal imbalances in some individuals.

Allergic Reactions

Though rare, some people may have allergic reactions to maca root, which can result in symptoms like skin rashes or difficulty breathing.

Who Should Not Drink Maca Root Tea?

Individuals with thyroid problems, those on hormone-altering medications, and pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid drinking maca root tea without first consulting their healthcare provider due to its potential effect on hormone levels.

How to Make Maca Root Tea

Preparing a cup of maca root tea is a straightforward process.

  1. Start by boiling water in a kettle.
  2. Measure out a teaspoon of maca root powder into your favorite mug.
  3. Pour the boiling water over the maca powder, stirring thoroughly to ensure the powder is fully dissolved.
  4. Allow the tea to steep for a few minutes to enhance the flavor.
  5. Once done, enjoy your hot cup of maca root tea.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a store-bought product.

Final Thoughts

Maca root tea is a nutritious, flavorsome beverage with a range of potential health benefits. However, it’s essential to be mindful of possible side effects and consult your healthcare provider if you have any underlying health conditions.


What Does Maca Root Tea Taste Like?

Maca root tea has a unique, earthy flavor with a slight nutty aftertaste. Some describe it as subtly sweet.

When Should I Drink Maca Root Tea?

You can enjoy maca root tea at any time of the day. However, due to its energizing effects, it might be best consumed in the morning or early afternoon.

How Often Can You Drink Maca Root Tea?

While it depends on individual tolerance and health conditions, generally, one to two cups of maca root tea a day should be fine for most healthy adults. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How Long Can You Drink Maca Root Tea Safely?

There’s no specific time limit for drinking maca root tea, as long as you’re adhering to a reasonable daily amount. But remember, long-term use might lead to hormonal imbalances, so it’s wise to discuss this with a healthcare provider.

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