The 7 Best Tea Places in Houston

According to recent research, Houston boasts nearly 600 places where one can enjoy a cup of tea. While there is an abundance of options, not all tea establishments offer the same quality.

In this article, we will explore the top 7 tea spots in the city. We won’t limit ourselves to traditional tea houses. We’ll also highlight regular cafes and even coffee houses where you can enjoy an exceptional cup of tea.

1. McHugh Tea Room

McHugh Tea Room
Source: Sofia K. on Yelp

Nestled in the heart of Bellaire, McHugh Tea Room invites you to immerse yourself in the world of premier organic teas. With a curated selection from renowned tea estates across the globe, the establishment aims to offer an experience steeped in peace, creativity, and happiness. Here, every cup is a testament to McHugh’s commitment to quality and warmth.

The cafe’s ambiance is charming, providing an ideal setting for leisurely afternoons. While the menu boasts a variety of delicacies, it’s the teas that truly shine. Notable favorites include white tea with peach, Vanilla Matcha, and raspberry matcha. For those inclined towards traditional tea accompaniments, the scones, especially when paired with the lemon curd, have garnered appreciation.

Besides the delightful beverages and eats, McHugh Tea Room is also a haven for tea enthusiasts looking to purchase unique blends and accessories. From floral teacups to a wide array of loose teas, the adjoining gift shop ensures visitors can take a piece of the McHugh experience home.

With its down-home feel and an emphasis on fostering beautiful moments, McHugh Tea Room serves as a comforting retreat in the midst of the bustling city. Whether you’re catching up with friends, seeking a relaxing solo date, or introducing loved ones to the nuances of high tea, McHugh’s doors are open to all seeking a genuine tea experience.


  • Wide variety of tea selections.
  • Great ambiance and a charming environment.
  • Delicious scones.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Vegetarian menu accommodation.
  • Cute tea sets and accessories available for purchase.


  • Some may find the afternoon tea overpriced.
  • Some items, like certain sandwiches and desserts, may not be well-received.
  • Portions, especially for desserts and scones, may be perceived as small by some.
  • Slow service at times.

Location: 5305 Bissonnet St, Suite D, Bellaire, TX 77401

2. Siphon Coffee

Siphon Coffee
Source: @siphoncoffeetx on Instagram

Siphon Coffee, nestled in the Montrose area, prides itself on offering a diverse range of brewed and espresso-based beverages, meticulously curated from both local and national roasters. Beyond their coffee selection, they are distinguished by their unique Siphon method. Utilizing halogen burners, this technique accentuates the nuanced tasting notes of select beans, ensuring a precise and distinguished cup every time.

However, Siphon Coffee doesn’t just stop at coffee. They have an extensive menu of teas, including Earl Grey, English breakfast, jasmine, hibiscus, mint, hibiscus mint, chai, and green lavender. So, if you’re a tea aficionado or looking to try something new, there’s something here for you.

From the kitchen, Siphon Coffee emphasizes quality and local sourcing. Eggs are sourced from pasture-raised hens in Texas, and the meat offerings, whether chicken or beef, follow stringent standards, ensuring they are free from antibiotics and hormones. Their menu, built with the help of vendors such as Vital Farms, 44 Ranch Farms, Mill-King Dairy, and Slow Dough Bread Co., assures that you’re not just getting a meal but an experience rooted in Texan values and flavors.

The café itself is spacious, with diverse seating options suitable for solo visitors, study sessions, or group meet-ups. Its laid-back atmosphere is further enhanced by its community touch – from hosting local bands to poetry slams. The next time you’re in Montrose and seeking a tranquil spot to sip on a thoughtfully crafted beverage, consider stopping by Siphon Coffee. It’s more than just a coffee shop; it’s a slice of the local community.


  • Plenty of seating, both inside and outside.
  • Good ambiance/atmosphere for studying, working, or hanging out.
  • Variety in food and drink menu, including unique coffee flavors.
  • Strong WiFi.
  • Friendly service.
  • Private parking.
  • Good coffee quality.


  • Can get busy/packed, affecting seating availability.
  • Limited parking at times.

Location: 701 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77006

3. The St. Regis Houston

The St. Regis Houston
Source: Chun P. on Yelp

Nestled within Houston’s Uptown district, the St. Regis Houston Tea Lounge offers an afternoon tea experience. This establishment has sought to maintain the tradition of afternoon tea, blending old-world charm with a modern touch.

At the heart of their Tea Ritual is a varied collection of loose-leaf teas, including the notable St. Regis blend, which was developed specifically for the St. Regis Hotels & Resorts. These teas are complemented by a range of both sweet and savory items. Among these are the tea sandwiches and scones, which are traditionally served with clotted cream and jam.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the melodies of a harpist, providing a backdrop that aligns with the relaxed pace of the lounge. The setting is sophisticated, marked by comfortable seating and fresh floral arrangements, creating a space conducive to quiet chats and relaxation.

For those driving in, the lounge offers valet parking, which is complimentary for high tea patrons. While there’s a suggested dress code of smart casual, guests are seen in a variety of attire, reflecting individual tastes and the inclusive nature of the venue.

In essence, the St. Regis Houston Tea Lounge offers a space to enjoy tea, partake in light bites, and immerse oneself in a tranquil setting.


  • Excellent service.
  • Harpist/music enhances the ambiance.
  • Tea selections, especially the House/St. Regis blend.
  • Freshness of food and desserts.
  • Complimentary valet parking for afternoon tea.
  • Delicious scones.
  • Take-home macarons provided.


  • High price point.
  • Warm room temperature during certain times.

Location: 1919 Briar Oaks Lane, Houston, TX 77027

4. Proper Rose Garden

Proper Rose Garden
Source: Na L. on Yelp

Proper Rose Garden offers a diverse array of tea selections, prominently featuring its famed all-day Afternoon Tea. Whether you’re a tea aficionado or simply seeking a new flavor, their collection is impressive and varied. The rose milk tea, known for its delightful pink hue, combines a subtle rose aroma with customizable sweetness levels. For those preferring classic flavors, the taro and milo teas are warm recommendations, often complimented for their authenticity and taste.

Beyond just beverages, Proper Rose Garden takes pride in its range of delicacies. Their Japanese-style Sando sandwiches have made a mark, and the honey bread is not to be missed. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, the lemon berry mascarpone cake and croffle with strawberries have been known to leave lasting impressions.

The ambiance of the café is a blend of sophistication and coziness, making it ideal for both special occasions and everyday visits. Free Wi-Fi is available, making it a fitting spot for relaxation or a focused work session. Situated conveniently with ample parking, Proper Rose Garden invites guests to immerse themselves in a rich tea experience amidst comfort and elegance.


  • Excellent tea variety and taste.
  • Good ambiance/atmosphere.
  • Ample parking available.
  • Good service and attentiveness.
  • Notable food items: popcorn chicken, dumplings, chicken katsu sandwich, and various desserts.


  • Pricing may be considered high for some items or not reflective of their quality.
  • Not always accommodating for larger parties.

Location: 1223 Grand West Boulevard, Suite B105, Katy, TX 77449

5. Little Hen

Little Hen
Source: @littlehen_ on Instagram

Little Hen offers a delightful, English-inspired breakfast and brunch experience, nestled in an elegantly designed setting. The cafe pays homage to traditional English aesthetics with its soft pastels, homely accents, and luxurious touches that effortlessly merge with modern decor. Beyond its interiors, the outdoor space provides a serene spot for patrons who prefer to bask in the ambiance of a picturesque terrace.

The menu at Little Hen encapsulates the essence of global flavors, crafting classics and contemporary dishes alike. Their tea collection, though diverse, places a spotlight on their signature offerings, such as jasmine green tea and English breakfast tea. Additionally, guests will appreciate the distinct flavors of the mocha latte and dirty rose latte.

Whether it’s a casual brunch with friends, a special occasion like an anniversary, or even a unique book club meeting, Little Hen provides an ambiance that’s both inviting and captivating. While the space has an undeniable charm perfect for photo opportunities, the emphasis on quality ingredients and freshly sourced food underscores its commitment to providing a holistic dining experience.


  • Great ambiance/decor
  • Perfect for photos/photo opportunities
  • Good service
  • Many food items, like scones, truffle fries, and certain dishes, are worth a try
  • Reasonable price for afternoon tea in comparison to other venues
  • Suitable for special occasions and gatherings


  • Limited tea selections
  • Some may feel rushed due to time limits on tables
  • Noise levels may be high at times

Location: 4444 Westheimer Court, Suite H110, Houston, TX 77027

6. Kiran’s

Source: Ace M. on Yelp

Kiran’s, under the direction of Chef Kiran Verma, a James Beard Semifinalist for Best Chef Texas in 2023, offers a culinary experience shaped by her Indian heritage and a passion for diverse cuisine. The restaurant uniquely combines the warmth of Indian hospitality, the finesse of French sophistication, and the casual ease of American dining.

While Kiran’s boasts an impressive wine list of over 300 labels, its true specialty lies in the world of teas, particularly during its Afternoon Tea service every Saturday. Guests are treated to a carefully curated chef’s tasting menu where dishes are paired not with wines, but with teas. Instead of a typical teapot service, patrons are served three distinct types of tea throughout their meal. Among them, Chef Kiran’s signature chai blend stands out, resonating with patrons for its aromatic spices and rich flavor.

Kiran’s Afternoon Tea experience extends beyond the beverage itself. The four-course service includes a selection of sandwiches, desserts, and other delicacies, elegantly presented. The ambiance complements the culinary offerings: tables set with fine china, a harpist providing a melodic background with show tunes and pop standards, and a dining area adorned in tasteful décor.

The detailed thought behind the menu is evident. From the freshness of the English Cucumber sandwich complemented by creme fraiche to the richness of the Avocado chocolate mousse, each item carries a distinctive taste. Furthermore, the setup, designed to encourage intimate conversations, features side-by-side booths that offer a cozy space to converse or observe fellow diners.

For those seeking an informed and immersive tea experience, punctuated with diverse flavors and a serene atmosphere, Kiran’s offers just that.


  • Exceptional dining experience
  • Delicious food, especially the sandwiches, desserts, and scones
  • Unique and flavorful masala chai tea
  • Live music, specifically a harpist, enhances the ambiance
  • Elegant setting and beautifully decorated dining area
  • Service is attentive and considerate, with staff accommodating special requests/allergies
  • Menu changes and offers fresh items, allowing for varied experiences
  • Offers gluten-free options
  • Reasonably priced for the quality offered


  • Service can sometimes be slow or seem confused and overwhelmed
  • Automatic 20% tip added to the bill (though some may see this as justified due to good service)

Location: 2925 Richmond Ave, Ste 160, Houston, TX 77098

7. Tea for Two Tearoom

Tea for Two Tearoom
Source: Susan G. on Yelp

Nestled in Copperfield, the Tea for Two Tearoom is an oasis of serenity amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Established in 1998, this hidden gem, discreetly tucked within an unassuming strip mall, provides a distinctive Victorian garden ambiance for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Upon entering, guests are immediately transported to a bygone era. Hand-painted murals complement the interior’s vintage charm, making it a delightful haven for tea aficionados. With a focus on specialty teas, Tea for Two offers an extensive range that caters to both traditional and adventurous palettes. Accompanying the teas is a selection of home-cooked dishes that resonate with comfort and quality. From freshly baked quiches to the renowned Chicken Salad infused with grapes and walnuts, the menu provides a harmonious blend of flavors.

While the tea remains the heart of this establishment, younger guests can also enjoy their experience with apple juice served in delicate tea cups, turning a simple lunch into a memorable event. Dessert offerings, like the rich coconut cake or the tangy Keylime pie, provide a sweet finish to an enriching meal.

In addition to its delightful culinary offerings, Tea for Two has a quaint gift shop featuring an array of tea sets and other curiosities, perfect for gifting or adding to personal collections.

Whether it’s a casual lunch with friends or a special afternoon tea with loved ones, Tea for Two promises a unique experience, characterized by its tasteful ambiance and unwavering dedication to quality.


  • The food is delicious, with desserts being particularly tasty
  • Service is friendly and attentive.
  • Kid-friendly.
  • Cozy and quaint ambiance.
  • Large menu with variety.
  • Good for special occasions or group gatherings.


  • Some may find the space to be small.
  • You may experience wait times for seating.

Location: 8475 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77095

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