Do You Shake Kombucha?

Kombucha, a bubbly fermented tea, has become increasingly popular, sparking many discussions. While enjoying its tangy taste and potential health benefits, people often wonder if they should shake the bottle before consuming. 

Kombucha bottles

Should You Shake Kombucha?

The short answer is no, you should not shake kombucha. Kombucha is a naturally carbonated beverage due to the fermentation process it undergoes. Shaking the bottle can cause the carbon dioxide to release from the drink, leading to a fizzy, foamy mess when you open it. 

To mix settled sediment, gently flip the bottle several times.

What Do the Bottles Say?

Most kombucha bottles come with instructions or recommendations on whether or not to shake. Many brands explicitly state not to shake their product. Instead, they often suggest gently turning the bottle upside down a few times to mix the contents. 

For the best kombucha experience, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What Happens if I Shake Kombucha?

Shaking kombucha leads to increased pressure in the bottle from carbon dioxide release. This can cause excessive fizziness and may result in the kombucha overflowing once you open the bottle. 

In some cases, excessive pressure could cause the bottle to burst. 

Even if you’ve shaken your kombucha accidentally, you can still drink it. Consider letting the bottle rest for some time to allow the carbonation to settle before opening. This will help prevent any messes or unexpected fizziness. Open the bottle carefully and slowly to reduce carbonation release.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to avoid shaking kombucha to maintain its natural carbonation and optimal flavor. Instead, gently turn the bottle upside down a few times to mix any sediment. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to enjoy your kombucha as intended.


Can the Bottle Explode if I Shake It?

While uncommon, a kombucha bottle can explode if shaken too vigorously. This is because shaking the bottle increases the pressure inside due to the release of carbon dioxide. In extreme cases, this pressure can cause the bottle to burst. Always handle kombucha bottles gently and avoid shaking them to prevent this risk.

Do You Drink the Stuff at the Bottom of Kombucha?

The residue at the bottom of kombucha, known as “yeast sediment,” is a fermentation byproduct. It’s completely safe to consume and actually contains a high concentration of beneficial probiotics, B vitamins, and other nutrients. 

If the sediment doesn’t bother you, feel free to drink it. If you’d rather have a smoother drink, pour the kombucha into a glass, leaving the sediment in the bottle.

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