Flower And Scented Tea

  • Flower tea is translation of “Hua Cha” from Chinese. It means tea with flowers or tea infused with floral (scents).
  • Flower tea is sometimes also called scented tea.
  • The base of flower tea can be black, green or whatever. Then ingredients like flower petals might be added.
  • Flower tea is popular in northern China.
Tea ClassName in ChineseMandarin Pronunciation (Place of origin – Tea name)Meaning in English
Flower TeaMo Li Hua ChaJasmine
Flower TeaMei Gui Hua ChaRose
Flower TeaBai Lan Hua ChaGardenia (not sure of the translation though)
Flower TeaLong Zhu Hua ChaDragon Ball
Flower TeaJu Hua ChaChrysanthemum Tea