What Drinking Chinese Tea Is All About?

Thirst quenching! Right.

But there wouldn’t be a ChineseTeas101.com if Chinese tea drinking were that simple.

Chinese tea has many health benefits

Chinese tea is healthy in a lot of ways. It lowers blood pressure, protects the heart, helps to prevent obesity, prevents tooth decay and increases immunity, etc. Sounds like a TV commercial but it has been working on more than billions of Chinese people over thousands of years.It’s announced in November, 2001 that research has found scientific evidence that Chinese tea can actually help to prevent cancer. It’s more than just empty talk now.

It’s psychological

As a fellow Chinese tea drinker puts it “when I am home after a busy day, I make myself a cup of tea while sitting slanted on the sofa. A sip of hot tea down the throat, the whole world loosens up. The feeling is soooo…you know…” Yes, as a Chinese tea drinker, Kam knows. Chinese tea’s impact on one’s psychological health is immediate.

Chinese tea is a way of life

A cup of tea in the morning sets the pace of the day. Sitting and chatting with a few good friends over a couple rounds of tea makes life worth living. Brewing Chinese tea calms me down. Chinese tea is more than just something to drink. It has in fact become a way of life for many.

It’s philosophical

Good Chinese teas have the flavor of nature. In the process of searching for the right combination to bring out that flavor, we think, we fail, we reflect, and hopefully, we succeed. When we take a sip of the hard-earned tea, we realize that the process itself is what tastes the best.

A lifetime’s searching

Of course there is much, much more to the way of tea. Chinese tea enlightens individual tea drinkers in different ways. I have seen tea drinkers change their attitude of life after adapting tea as a way of life, some start looking deep into Chinese culture to search for more inspiration, etc. They are doing their Chinese Teas 101. Keep in mind that Chinese tea is not just a beverage. You will be surprised that through the way of tea, you will find something in yourself.