The 9 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Houston

Recent research indicates that Houston has nearly 50 places to enjoy boba tea. While many options exist, not all boba tea spots offer the same quality.

In this article, we will explore the top 9 boba tea spots in the city. We’re not limiting ourselves to traditional bubble tea shops; we’ll also spotlight cafes that serve exceptional boba tea.

1. Teapresso Bar

Teapresso Bar
Source: Angeline D. on Yelp

Teapresso Bar in Houston’s EaDo area offers a distinct approach to boba teas. They emphasize a made-to-order method, using their Teapresso machine, ensuring that patrons receive freshly brewed tea with each order. Among their varied offerings, the Hong Kong Milk tea, made with condensed milk, stands out for its creamy consistency and well-balanced sweetness. Another notable option is their Brown Sugar Milk Tea, which many appreciate for its authentic boba texture and taste.

Beyond these, Teapresso Bar has an extensive menu featuring drinks like the Mango Lychee Slush, Pink Dragon Hibiscus, and Thai tea, each with its unique flavor profile. They also provide a selection of pastries for those looking to accompany their beverages with a light snack.

The cafe’s interiors are marked by simplicity and a contemporary feel. The Hawaiian-inspired touches offer a relaxed, breezy atmosphere, suitable for those seeking a brief escape from the city’s hustle. The space has adequate seating, and the provision of Wi-Fi and power outlets might appeal to those wishing to work or study. Its location near other restaurants and bars in the area also makes it a convenient spot for a drink post-meal.

While the setting is welcoming and the drink options are varied, what sets Teapresso Bar apart is its commitment to freshness and the genuine approach to boba tea preparation. For those in the EaDo area, it’s a place to consider for a tea experience.


  • Clean interior/location.
  • Friendly and helpful staff/customer service.
  • Boba is chewy and fresh.
  • Drinks are fresh and made to order.
  • Good variety of tea options.
  • The right amount of sugar in drinks/not overly sweet (with options to customize).
  • Convenient location (specifically in EaDo/East Downtown).
  • Well-lit and welcoming ambiance.
  • Drinks can be customized in terms of ice and sugar.
  • Large parking is available.


  • Loud environment, especially on weekends, making it difficult to hear names/orders.
  • Crowding around the pickup counter.
  • Limited seating inside.
  • Wifi could be faster.

Location: 2929 Navigation Boulevard, Suite 180, Houston, TX 77003

2. 7 Leaves Cafe

7 Leaves Cafe
Source: Victoria O. on Yelp

7 Leaves Cafe prides itself on using no artificial flavors or preservatives in their drinks, ensuring that each sip is a genuine reflection of its ingredients. A unique aspect of 7 Leaves is its offering of two sizes for its beverages, with the larger size being notably generous.

While the menu might not be as extensive as some other boba establishments, the cafe focuses on delivering a curated selection of standout drinks. Among the favorites are the Sea Cream Jasmine Tea, which is a harmonious blend of sea cream and jasmine, and the Mung Bean Milk Tea, known for its genuine mung bean flavor. Their Taro Milk Tea, featuring real taro chunks, provides a creamy and authentic experience. The Summer Mint is a go-to for those looking for something refreshing, while the Herbal Tea, reminiscent of Cantonese “Leung cha,” caters to those with an acquired taste.

For those who want more kick in their drink, the cafe allows up to 6 espresso shots at no extra charge for certain beverages. Coffee enthusiasts will also find the Vietnamese coffee to be robust and flavorful.

The interior of 7 Leaves Cafe exudes modern elegance, creating an environment conducive for both relaxation and study. Despite its chic ambiance, the cafe offers its drinks at reasonable prices, particularly for the generous sizes they serve. And for those looking to experiment, there’s a “secret menu” waiting to be explored. With a commitment to quality and a serene ambiance, 7 Leaves Cafe serves as a refreshing stop in the bustling world of boba tea.


  • Drinks don’t taste artificial.
  • Offers unique drinks.
  • Large drink size option is available.
  • Interior is elegant, modern, spacious, and suitable for studying.
  • Service is generally quick, and the staff is friendly.
  • Prices are reasonable compared to some other boba places.
  • Drinks have distinguishable and authentic flavors, e.g., real taro flavor.


  • The sugar level isn’t always adjustable, and some drinks can be too sweet.
  • Inconsistency in boba texture.
  • Limited drink menu options.

Location: 9798 Bellaire Blvd, Ste B, Houston, TX 77036

3. Kokee Tea

Kokee Tea
Source: Kokee Tea on Yelp

Kokee Tea, situated in the First Colony Mall near the food court, offers a distinct approach to boba tea in the Sugarland region. Prioritizing the use of high-quality teas, natural cane sugar, and fresh ingredients, Kokee Tea aims to provide an authentic and refined tea experience. The drinks are carefully crafted based on precise recipes, setting a standard for consistency and taste.

The menu is diverse, featuring a variety of milk teas, including classic Thai tea, honey milk tea, matcha latte, Oreo milk tea, and brown sugar milk tea, among others. A unique aspect of Kokee Tea is their variety of boba options, encompassing traditional boba as well as popping boba and jellies.

The location within the mall makes Kokee Tea a convenient spot for mall-goers. The establishment is noted for its cleanliness, and the staff is attentive to customer preferences, accommodating specific sweetness levels or caffeine-free choices. For those looking to try something different or simply enjoy a reliable milk tea, Kokee Tea offers a range of options to consider during a visit to the First Colony Mall.


  • Variety of drink options.
  • Offers specialty teas.
  • Fast service.
  • Clean shop.
  • Patient and cooperative staff.
  • Can adjust sugar level.
  • Good customer service.


  • Couldn’t find any.

Location: 16535 Southwest Fwy, Ste 5577, Sugar Land, TX 77479

4. Tea Top

Tea Top
Source: Tea Top on Yelp

Tea Top offers an array of teas directly sourced from its plantation in Taiwan. By managing the processing in-house, the cafe maintains a hands-on approach to the quality and authenticity of its offerings.

The menu is diverse, with options ranging from Wintermelon alpine green tea with cheese foam to Earl Grey milk tea featuring a 3Q mix. A notable aspect of their drink lineup is the use of real taro, particularly in drinks like the taro milk tea with boba and taro balls. Additionally, the Sun Moon Lake milk tea provides an alternative taste with its aromatic blend and subtle floral hints.

The interior of Tea Top is modern and functional. Despite the usual crowd, the service is swift. For those who appreciate aesthetics, the cafe has some contemporary design elements that might catch the eye.

In a region with numerous boba shops, Tea Top stands out with its commitment to genuine ingredients and its straightforward approach to tea preparation.


  • Quick service.
  • Real taro used.
  • Adjustable sweetness & ice levels.
  • Tasty drinks.
  • Clean interior.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Great ambiance.
  • Variety of flavors and options.


  • Pricing (additional charges for add-ons).
  • Boba texture is too soft.

Location: 9889 Bellaire Blvd, Ste E203, Houston, TX 77036

5. Nu Ice & Drinks

Nu Ice & Drinks
Source: Intarat S. on Yelp

Nu Ice & Drinks has been offering boba tea and a distinctive form of shaved ice since 2010. Their menu is diverse, featuring a range of bubble teas. From traditional boba milk teas to more innovative smoothies and frappes, there’s a drink to cater to various preferences. Their honey boba and handcrafted salted caramel whip cream are among the notable add-ins available, with patrons having the option of customizing their drinks from an array of over 12 different additions.

The Nu Ice dessert stands out in its category. While it evokes flavors commonly associated with ice cream, its texture is closer to that of cotton candy. Prepared over ten hours, this shaved ice dessert allows customers to get creative with their choice of over 25 toppings and six drizzles.

The cafe’s atmosphere is casual. The interior design blends various themes, and there’s ample seating both inside and outside. Many visitors find solace from the Houston heat here, often highlighting the prompt service and the unique offerings of boba teas and shaved ice.


  • Friendly staff.
  • Great boba tea.
  • Ample seating.
  • Quick service.
  • No sugar option is available.
  • Good desserts and shaved ice.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Variety of flavors and options.


  • Lack of cleanliness/maintenance.
  • Some drinks might be overly sweet.

Location: 5901 Westheimer Rd, Ste B1, Houston, TX 77057

6. Ding Tea

Ding Tea
Source: Mimi R. on Yelp

Ding Tea offers a variety of boba teas for those seeking a simple refreshment or a different twist on their usual beverage. One of the noteworthy features of their menu is the golden boba, which carries a hint of honey sweetness, setting it apart from the standard boba found in many other establishments.

Their drink options span from classics like the Hokkaido milk tea to more unique offerings such as the Guava Green Milk Tea. For those who appreciate control over their drink’s composition, Ding Tea allows for adjustments in sweetness and ice levels, letting patrons tailor their beverages to their liking.

The cafe’s atmosphere is relatively relaxed, with decent lighting and a simple yet contemporary interior. For those in need of a workspace or a quiet corner, the establishment provides free wifi. While it’s a popular spot for a quick catch-up with friends, it’s also conducive to solitary visits, thanks to its tranquil environment.

The staff at Ding Tea is known for their efficiency, ensuring that wait times are generally minimal. The cafe strives for consistency in their drinks, aiming to deliver a familiar experience with every visit. For those in the vicinity of Sugarland and in the mood for a tea-based drink, Ding Tea presents a solid option to consider.


  • Good flavor and variety of teas.
  • Golden boba is popular and unique.
  • Employees are friendly and provide quick service.
  • The ambiance is pleasant and suitable for studying or working.
  • Provides options for customizing sugar and ice levels.


  • Inconsistency in boba’s texture (sometimes too hard).
  • Some may find the drinks too sweet.
  • Additional charges for boba/tapioca.
  • “Regular” size cups may be considered small by some customers.

Location: 4650 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478

7. Hella Bubble

Hella Bubble
Source: Meredith Z. on Yelp

Situated in the River Oaks area of Houston, Hella Bubble serves up a variety of boba teas that have gained a steady clientele over time. This café prides itself on offering traditional and modern takes on the beloved drink.

The texture of Hella Bubble’s boba pearls is notably soft and chewy. While they have a wide range of options on their menu, regulars often lean towards choices like the “Hella Bubble Deluxe Milk Tea,” “Winter Melon Milk Tea,” and the “Thai Milk Tea.” For a fruitier taste, the “Kiwi Tea” provides a refreshing alternative, and the “Mango Passion Fruit Tea” brings in a tropical touch.

The interior of Hella Bubble is bright and clean, offering a space where visitors can sit down and enjoy their drinks. However, potential visitors should note that the music can sometimes be on the louder side, which might not suit everyone’s preference.

Given its location in a prime area, prices at Hella Bubble are on the higher side. Parking can also be a challenge due to the busy nature of the plaza, but there are options like lot parking and a nearby garage for convenience.

If you’re around the River Oaks area and craving boba, Hella Bubble offers a range of choices catering to both traditional and experimental tastes.


  • Good boba texture and quality.
  • Variety of tasty drink options.
  • Friendly service.
  • Clean establishment.
  • Not overly sweet drinks.


  • Music can be too loud.
  • Limited parking.
  • Some may find it pricey.
  • Occasional long waits.

Location: 2400 Mid Ln, Ste 110, Houston, TX 77027

8. Kim’s Teahouse

Kim’s Teahouse
Source: Zoe H. on Yelp

Kim’s Teahouse has been a fixture in Houston since 2007, serving as a bridge between Taiwan’s traditional tea culture and the city’s diverse palate. Originating in Taiwan, Kim sought to bring a genuine milk tea experience to Houston, and over time, her vision grew into a network of four outlets across the city.

The teahouse primarily focuses on boba drinks. Their menu features a variety of options, from the straightforward Thai green tea with crystal boba to the unique club soda boba. There’s also a range of customizable choices, allowing patrons to mix and match flavors to their liking.

Beyond drinks, Kim’s Teahouse offers a selection of snacks. The popcorn chicken, sweet potato fries, and fried calamari are favorites among regulars. They’re a nod to popular Asian street foods, providing both familiar and novel tastes for those exploring the menu.

The ambiance of the teahouse is notably spacious and welcoming. With an eclectic interior design, it’s a space where visitors can comfortably catch up on work, study, or simply relax. The establishment’s emphasis on an enjoyable experience is evident in its environment and offerings, making it a go-to spot for many in Houston.


  • Good boba quality and consistency.
  • Wide selection/varieties of drinks and flavors.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Ample seating and parking.
  • Offers food and snacks, with items like popcorn chicken and calamari being especially popular among visitors.
  • Quiet ambiance, suitable for studying.
  • Clean surroundings and restrooms.


  • Spicy food items can be very spicy for some.

Location: 10944 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

9. Sharetea

Source: Jenny J. on Yelp

Sharetea offers a space for those in search of authentic Taiwanese boba tea. Located conveniently by the busy Costco on Richmond, it might be easy to overlook, but once inside, visitors find a surprisingly spacious setting. The interior, characterized by high ceilings, offers a mix of seating arrangements suitable for quiet reading or casual get-togethers. There’s also an outdoor area for those who prefer some fresh air with their drink.

The menu at Sharetea is diverse but not overwhelming. The classic pearl milk tea, available with black or oolong base, remains a staple for many. Those looking to try something different might opt for the fruit teas, with the strawberry ice blended with lychee jelly being notably refreshing. There’s also a range of Japanese milk flavors, like Hokkaido and Okinawa, as well as unique combinations like wintermelon tea with fresh milk.

Beyond the drinks, Sharetea occasionally hosts community events, such as the Cup Sleeve events, which aim to support local artisans. Emphasis on cleanliness is evident, ensuring visitors have a pleasant experience.

For those in the area seeking a genuine boba tea experience or a quiet place to unwind, Sharetea is worth a visit.


  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Quality products.
  • Supports local artisans and holds events.
  • Consistently good drinks.
  • Spacious and clean interior with plentiful seating.
  • Offers WiFi and amenities conducive to studying or working.
  • Drinks can be customized in terms of sugar level.
  • Great ambiance (e.g., natural lighting, outdoor patio).
  • Good customer service (responsive to feedback).
  • Convenient location (e.g., near Costco).


  • Some drinks can be overly sweet, even at reduced sugar levels.
  • Certain flavors are not self-explanatory.
  • Limited parking in some circumstances.

Location: 3651 Weslayan St, Ste 100, Houston, TX 77046

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