The 10 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Portland

Not only is Portland famous for its exceptional coffee shops and tea houses, but it also ranks among the top 50 cities in the US to enjoy bubble tea.

In this article, we will explore the city’s top 10 boba tea spots. We’re not limiting ourselves to traditional bubble tea shops; we’ll also highlight cafes where you can order an exceptional boba tea.

1. Dingtea Williams

Dingtea Williams
Source: Dingtea Williams on Yelp

Dingtea Williams in North Portland is a cafe that emphasizes the traditional flavors of Taiwanese boba teas. Part of the global Ding Tea brand, which started in 2004, this particular outlet was established in 2020. They offer a variety of milk teas, fruit teas, and coffee, with an emphasis on customization. Patrons can tailor their drinks to their preferences, adjusting sweetness and choosing from a range of toppings like chewy boba, popping boba, and jellies.

The interior of the cafe is spacious, with pastel shades of blue and pink, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe’s design is open and bathed in natural light, making it a suitable spot for a quiet read or a casual chat. Some of the noteworthy beverages include the Wintermelon milk tea, Matcha latte, and the Monster boba latte. An added feature is the ability for customers to specify their desired sweetness and ice levels, catering to individual tastes. Located near a few food carts in North Portland, Dingtea Williams offers a local experience for those exploring the area’s beverage scene.


  • Delicious boba and a variety of flavors.
  • Customizable drink options (e.g., sweetness levels, ice).
  • Friendly and accommodating staff.
  • Spacious, clean, and aesthetically pleasing interior.
  • Good ambiance for hanging out and lounging.
  • Reasonably priced drinks.
  • Dairy-free options available.
  • Authenticity and richness of the tea.
  • Located close to food carts and other amenities.


  • Some drinks, like the Wintermelon milk tea, may be overly sweet for some customers.
  • Limited parking available near the shop.
  • Bathroom maintenance could be improved.
  • No blended drink options.

Location: 4225 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97217

2. Mojo Crepes

Mojo Crepes
Source: @mojocrepes on Instagram

Mojo Crepes is a simple yet distinctive spot that blends Asian street food influences into its offerings. The brainchild of childhood pals Mo and Jon, this establishment began its journey in 2009 after the duo’s fascination with Japanese crepes turned into entrepreneurship.

Their menu features a variety of Japanese crepes known for their authentic fillings. Additionally, they serve Asian fusion hot dogs, with the Mojo Dog being a notable mention. Beyond the solid food lineup, Mojo Crepes also delves into the realm of Taiwanese bubble teas. From straightforward milk teas to popping boba, there’s a range to explore for those familiar or new to bubble tea.

The ambiance inside is relaxed. There’s a hint of music in the background, and an adjoining pool room offers a different kind of activity for those interested. If you’re in the vicinity and have a penchant for trying a mix of Asian street food flavors, Mojo Crepes is a spot to consider.


  • They craft some of the finest crepes in town.
  • The staff is kind and patient, even when busy.
  • Variety in the menu, including fusion dogs, which have a few fans.
  • Some items, like the Mojo Dog, receive consistent praise.
  • Large store space.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Offers fun amenities like a pool hall and arcade games.
  • The atmosphere is often described as good for hangouts, dates, and meetups.
  • The establishment offers unique and refreshing drink options.


  • Limited seating inside.
  • Parking can be challenging due to its location off a busy road.
  • The store can occasionally get very busy with potential long wait times.

Location: 8409 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97266

3. Tiki Tea

Tiki Tea
Source: @tikiteapdx on Instagram

Tiki Tea, located in the heart of the Northeast Portland Alberta Art District, places a high emphasis on natural ingredients. They provide a selection that includes bubble milk teas, cream teas, fruit teas, and hot teas, all made from globally sourced loose-leaf teas.

Avoiding the use of instant powders and artificial additives, Tiki Tea ensures that they brew using real tea leaves. Their drinks are sweetened with a house-made syrup derived from non-GMO pure cane sugar. Their boba, a key highlight, is made from simple ingredients like tapioca, water, caramel, and maple syrup, and is prepared fresh every few hours.

For those particular about their choice of milk, Tiki Tea offers rBST-free dairy and even has organic almond and coconut milk options. The fruit teas and smoothies at the cafe stand out for their use of whole fruits rather than concentrates. The ambiance of the cafe, adorned with plants, is relaxed and inviting, making it a quiet spot to enjoy a genuine tea experience in the city.


  • Uses fresh ingredients with no powders or artificial flavors.
  • Offers drinks with natural sweeteners, like fresh fruit purees.
  • The staff is helpful, friendly, and professional.
  • The decor is frequently complimented, especially the relaxing ambiance and the plant decorations.
  • Has a unique menu with drinks that stand out from typical boba shops.
  • Drinks can be customized based on sweetness level.
  • Drinks are flavorful and refreshing, especially drinks like Uji Matcha, horchata Ceylon, and the strawberry smoothie.
  • Boba has a good, chewy texture.
  • The owner offers additional treats like Japanese cheesecakes and matcha swiss rolls.


  • Some customers may find the tea flavor too strong or bitter.
  • Some customers may consider the prices to be on the higher end, especially when including add-ons and tips.
  • Limited rewards or loyalty programs, as compared to other shops.
  • Inconsistent opening hours.

Location: 4936 NE 16th, Portland, OR 97211

4. Just Tea

Just Tea
Source: @justtea.pdx on Instagram

Just Tea, nestled off 122nd Ave in a house-like, light blue building, is a unique spot in Portland. This cafe specializes in various beverages, from Milk Teas to Fruit Teas and Smoothies. For those with specific dietary needs, the cafe thoughtfully provides three milk alternatives. Their boba teas are noteworthy for their fresh quality, and they give customers the flexibility to adjust sweetness levels.

In addition to beverages, Just Tea serves Egg Puffs, a waffle-like treat available with various toppings, such as black sesame. The chocolate egg puff, in particular, is a popular choice among patrons.

The interior is modern and unassuming, creating a peaceful environment for visitors looking to unwind or work. For those short on time, Just Tea also offers a drive-thru service. The staff is friendly and always eager to guide newcomers through the menu.

For those exploring the boba scene in Portland or seeking a quiet cafe experience, Just Tea is a place to consider.


  • Convenient parking and drive-thru available.
  • Wide variety of tea/coffee/smoothies and dessert offerings like egg puff waffles with ice cream.
  • Fast service.
  • Quiet ambiance ideal for work.
  • The quality of boba and drinks is high; customers can customize sweetness and type.
  • Modern, clean, and aesthetically pleasing interior.
  • Friendly, attentive, and helpful staff.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Loyalty programs like punch cards are available.
  • Offers take-out and phone orders.
  • Customers can customize drinks, including sweetness, milk, and add-ons.


  • Location can be hard to find, appearing more like a house than a commercial building.
  • Some customers may need to wait 10 or more minutes for certain orders, particularly the egg puff.
  • There are limited toppings for some dessert options; no fruit toppings are available for waffles.

Location: 1045 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233


Source: Tyler K. on Yelp

MILK+T in downtown Beaverton offers a distinctive approach to the boba tea scene as Portland’s first self-serve boba bar. Established in 2015, the café underscores its commitment to transparency, using natural ingredients like real fruit and sugar for its syrups, and lactose-free milk for the teas.

This place provides an interactive experience, allowing customers to customize their beverages according to their preferences. Apart from the traditional boba flavors, they have ventured into incorporating ice cream in some drinks, catering to those looking for a richer flavor profile. Additionally, environmentally-conscious patrons might appreciate their option of sustainable glass jars for drinks.

The interior of MILK+T is simple, with an emphasis on natural lighting. The staff is known for their friendly demeanor, aiding especially those new to the boba world. With its unique self-serve concept and focus on natural ingredients, MILK+T offers a fresh perspective on the typical boba experience in Beaverton.


  • Cute and unique ambiance.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • High-quality drinks.
  • Ice topping and ice cream in boba offerings.
  • Sustainable practices, such as free glass containers with Yelp check-in.
  • Variety in boba options.
  • Lactose-free milk is available.
  • Self-serve kiosks and multiple ways to order.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Quick service, even when busy.
  • Customizable sweetness levels and toppings.
  • Vegan boba options are available.


  • There have been some instances of running out of classic boba.
  • Smaller venue with limited seating.

Location: 4545 SW Angel Ave, Ste 160, Beaverton, OR 97005

6. Tea Bar

Tea Bar
Source: Susan M. on Yelp

Tea Bar, nestled in the Pearl district, reflects simplicity and commitment to tea quality. Established in 2014, the cafe maintains a straightforward approach, focusing on fresh preparation without resorting to artificial additives or powders. Boba enthusiasts will note the daily preparation of grade-A tapioca pearls, ensuring a distinctively chewy texture. Notable on their menu are the Hong Kong style milk tea and various matcha concoctions, though the cafe also offers unique blends like lavender lemonade and bee pollen matcha latte. 

A significant portion of their teas come from family farms across the globe, bearing organic and fair trade certifications. In an effort towards sustainability, the cafe encourages patrons to enjoy their teas in reusable mason jars or to opt for a kanteen purchase. 

The interior is minimalistic, providing a conducive environment for work or relaxation. Alongside their teas, a selection of baked goods is available, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. In essence, Tea Bar offers a quiet space for those looking to explore tea in its purest form.


  • Great, clean aesthetic and minimalist vibe.
  • Offers plenty of seating, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Located near a park, ideal for walks with tea.
  • Vast variety of drink options, including unique blends.
  • Drinks are made from freshly brewed tea with no powder.
  • Provides milk substitutions and sweetness adjustments.
  • Boba has a good chewy texture.
  • Staff are friendly, welcoming, and helpful.
  • Quiet and comfortable atmosphere, suitable for work or study.
  • High-quality ingredients and some drinks use all-natural ingredients.


  • Some drinks, especially the jasmine tea, may seem watery or lacking flavor to some tea lovers.
  • Some customers may find the boba too hard or not cooked properly.
  • The cups may be perceived as small compared to other boba places for the same price.
  • The prices may be considered steep by some patrons.
  • They don’t offer certain flavors like taro boba tea.

Location: 1055 NW Northrup, Portland, OR 97209

7. Yoonique Tea

Yoonique Tea
Source: Elizabeth G. on Yelp

Nestled in Portland’s vibrant neighborhood, Yoonique Tea offers an eclectic variety of boba teas and unique flavor combinations. As its name suggests, the cafe prides itself on distinctive blends like pandan, toasted coconut, and ube fresh milk boba tea. For those looking for vegan options, there’s a delightful selection, including the noteworthy strawberry brown sugar with soymilk.

The cafe’s interior is thoughtfully designed, providing a whimsical ambiance with velvet seats, wooden bookshelves, and an array of knick-knacks and merchandise that hints at Asian inspirations. Beyond just a place to grab a drink, Yoonique Tea’s spacious sitting area is conducive for reading, studying, or simply catching up with friends. The establishment also occasionally hosts K-pop cupsleeve events, making it a hub for enthusiasts.

Yoonique Tea not only stands out for its diverse menu but also for its commitment to value. Most of their offerings are priced under $6, offering a balance of taste and affordability. While street parking can be a bit tight, it’s a small trade-off for an immersive boba experience. If you find yourself in Portland and have a penchant for boba, Yoonique Tea might just be the spot to explore.


  • Open late in the evening.
  • Unique and extensive drink menu.
  • Offers vegan options.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Customizable sweetness level for some drinks.
  • Large sitting space.
  • Ambient and aesthetic interior.
  • Occasionally hosts K-pop cupsleeve events.
  • Offers fun seasonal drinks.
  • Located in a large corner building.


  • Some drinks may be overly sweet or lacking in flavor.
  • Boba’s consistency varies; sometimes, it’s overcooked or too hard.
  • Street parking only and can be limited.
  • The tables are small and low, making it difficult for some activities like working.
  • Loud music in the establishment can hinder conversation.

Location: 5348 Southeast Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206

8. Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea
Source: O L. on Yelp

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, situated off SE Foster, is a local cafe focusing on fruit teas infused with real fruit pieces such as apples, oranges, and grapefruit. Their approach is grounded in maintaining freshness, as evidenced by their regularly refreshed tea and toppings. This establishment uses organic milk and milk alternatives, keeping quality in mind. The story behind Yifang is rooted in family traditions, inspired by the founder’s grandmother, who used to prepare fresh teas on their family’s pineapple farm.

Inside the cafe, a self-order kiosk allows patrons to browse the diverse menu at their own pace. Some notable menu items include the brown sugar boba drink, passion fruit tea, mango sago, and the Yi Fang custard pancakes. The YiFang Fruit Tea, in particular, stands out due to its authentic fruit content and customizable sugar levels.

The space, while compact, offers a reasonable amount of seating. The aroma of brewing tea adds to the overall atmosphere. For those curious about different tea flavors and concoctions, like the Black Glutinous Rice Red Bean Coconut Milk, Yifang offers a variety of options to explore.


  • Founded on a history of love and natural ingredients.
  • Multiple locations across the PNW.
  • Extensive menu with a wide variety of drink options.
  • Efficient self-ordering system with the option to order ahead.
  • Drinks are made from natural flavors and are authentic.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Cozy ambiance and seating options are available.
  • Drinks come with real fruits, allowing customization of ice and sugar levels.
  • Offerings are unique, like the almond jelly topping.
  • Some drinks, like the mango sago, deserve particularly high praise.


  • Small parking lot, and it’s near other busy businesses.
  • Longer than average wait times.
  • The shop only offers miniature boba pearls.

Location: 8136 SE Foster Rd, Ste 420, Portland, OR 97206

9. Bobacat Tea House

Bobacat Tea House
Source: Caroline S. on Yelp

Nestled near Portland State University, Bobacat Tea House offers an inviting retreat for tea enthusiasts and students alike. The shop draws inspiration from feline aesthetics, evident in the charming cat Polaroids that adorn the walls and a delightful cat-themed logo, but don’t expect to find any live cats here.

With a menu that boasts a diverse selection of boba teas, visitors can relish in the flavors of their signature Bobacat Milk Tea, refreshing Oolong varieties, and the popular Brown Sugar options. The drinks have authentic tea flavors, are refreshing, and not overwhelmingly sweet. A special note goes to the fresh boba – when available, it’s served warm, complementing the chilled drinks with its chewy texture.

While the interior space might be described as compact, it has an ambiance that many find aesthetically pleasing. The space offers limited seating, making it more suitable for grab-and-go rather than extended stays. Adjusting sweetness levels and alternative milk options might not be available for all drinks, so it’s always a good idea to ask the staff beforehand. If you’re near Portland State University and have a penchant for boba, Bobacat Tea House is worth a visit.


  • Aesthetically pleasing ambiance with cat Polaroids.
  • Adjustable sweetness.
  • Fresh, warm, and chewy boba.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Close proximity to Portland State University.
  • Good tea flavors.
  • Not overly sweet drinks.
  • Fast service.
  • Helpful and patient cashiers.
  • Good place for studying.


  • Long wait time for boba preparation.
  • Small and low ceiling environment.
  • Loud music makes communication difficult.

Location: 1924 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201

10. Mía & More

Mía & More
Source: Linh N. on Yelp

Located in the 82nd district of Portland, Mia and More offers a distinct approach to beverages, focusing on freshly pressed sugarcane drinks. Differing from the common boba tea shops in the area, Mia and More brings to the forefront a traditional Asian treat with its sugar cane-based drinks. The sight of their cold-pressed juicer emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients.

Their menu includes flavors such as kumquat cane and durian sugarcane, with the young coconut cane being a blend of sugarcane juice and coconut water. The dragonfruit strawberry sugarcane juice is another option for those looking for a different flavor profile.

In addition to sugarcane drinks, the cafe also has a selection of Vietnamese desserts, coconut drinks, and combinations like the durian avocado smoothie. For boba tea enthusiasts, the cafe offers a range of milk teas, including uji matcha milk tea, black sugar milk tea, jasmine milk tea, taro milk tea, and black wave. A variety of toppings for boba is also available. 

The interior is simple and functional, suitable for grabbing a drink on the go. Mia and More offers a refreshing alternative for those interested in exploring diverse drink options in Portland.


  • Freshly squeezed drinks, particularly the bamboo and sugarcane.
  • Wide variety and flavors of drinks.
  • Asian-owned business contributing to diversity in Portland.
  • Commitment to less processed sweeteners.
  • Allows customers to watch the drink-making process.
  • Clean interior and user-friendly menus.
  • Provides a variety of Asian desserts, particularly Vietnamese.


  • Some drinks may be considered overpriced by some customers.
  • Extra charges for adjustments like less ice or no ice.
  • Location is in a perceived “scarier” part of town.
  • The interior is a bit small with limited seating.

Location: 326 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216

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